Stephen Colbert Fears Billionaire Transgender Woman’s Black Lesbian Robot (Video)

Talk-show comedian says entrepreneur Martine Rothblatt has created a “seriously scary super minority”

Stephen Colbert fears that entrepreneur Martine Rothblatt has created a terrifying new minority that will soon demand — gasp — equality.

Colbert was frightened by recent news that a computer was able to supposedly pass the Turing test by tricking one out of three people into believing it was human. So he sought out another form of cutting-edge artificial intelligence.

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The robot called Bina was built at Rothblatt’s request, and is based on the personality of her wife, also named Bina. Colbert’s report arrived just days after Rothblatt topped a New York Times list of the best-compensated female CEOs. Rothblatt, who was born male, underwent gender reassignment surgery in 1994.

“This billionaire transgender woman has created one seriously scary super minority,” Colbert said. “A black, lesbian robot.”

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In highly satirical mode, Colbert explained the danger Bina presented on Tuesday’s “Colbert Report”: “We’ve always known that robots are soulless killing machines, but now they come fully uploaded with centuries of minority rage and resentment.”

Among the problems with that theory? The Bina robot doesn’t seem remotely real. Or resentful.

But then Colbert made another point, by demonstrating that Bina can speak German: “She’s a robo-Nazi!” he announced.

Watch the video: