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Stephen Colbert’s Book Club Invades the Private Life of J.D. Salinger (Video)

Go away, Syria — you’re boring us

Stephen Colbert has been chugging Chardonnay since noon — that must mean that it’s time for a second installment of The cOlbert Book Club!

The Comedy Central host stepped away from the conflict in Syria Tuesday, because apparently, so is the United States, he said.

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The featured author in the second installment of The cOlbert Book Club is J.D. Salinger, who could not be with “The Colbert Report” because either MTV booked him to do the VMAs, or he died in 2010.

Still, in the clips below, we will learn everything we need to learn about the famously private “The Catcher in the Rye” writer, courtesy of Colbert, the estate of Salinger, his publishers at Little Brown and Company, and oddly enough, Patrick Stewart.

Watch the videos: