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Steven Soderbergh May End Retirement With New Channing Tatum Movie

Glen Basner is shopping the mysterious, red-hot package, which has studios salivating as the script circulates

When you’re a natural-born filmmaker like Steven Soderbergh, it can be hard to walk away from your calling. Sure enough, three years after he proclaimed he had directed his last movie, Soderbergh may be preparing to return behind the camera for a new feature that is expected to star his frequent collaborator Channing Tatum as well as Michael Shannon, industry insiders have told TheWrap.

There has been some confusion about the project on Wednesday. Variety initially reported that Matt Damon was part of the red-hot package, which is currently being shopped to studios by Glen Basner. Shortly afterwards, Soderbergh himself took to Twitter to label the story “wrong,” though he didn’t elaborate. Deadline weighed in an hour later saying that Michael Shannon will star opposite Tatum, not Damon.

Deadline also reported that the rumored title of the project is “Logan Lucky,” not “Hillbilly Heist,” as initially reported by Variety.

It’s possible that Soderbergh may only be involved as a producer alongside Gregory Jacobs — which wouldn’t be a stretch, as he recently produced Tatum’s stripper sequel “Magic Mike XXL.” Either way, the mystery project — that Soderbergh is involved with in some capacity — has studios salivating, even with its premise being kept under wraps. The screenplay is just beginning to circulate among the upper echelons of Hollywood.

It remains unclear who wrote the script that caught Soderbergh’s eye, but his fans would love to see the Oscar-winning director end his self-imposed retirement.

Soderbergh’s last film as a director was the HBO movie “Behind the Candelabra,” which starred Damon and Michael Douglas, and won 11 Emmy Awards and two Golden Globes. He has remained active in the TV world thanks to Cinemax’s “The Knick” and the HBO pilot “Mosaic” starring Sharon Stone.

Soderbergh has storied pasts with both Damon and Tatum. The former starred in “Contagion,” “The Informant!” and the “Ocean’s Eleven” franchise, while the latter starred in “Magic Mike,” “Haywire” and “Side Effects.”

Damon is up for an Oscar for his dazzling turn in “The Martian,” while Tatum will soon be seen in the Coen brothers’ showbiz comedy “Hail, Caesar!”

Soderbergh is represented by Anonymous Content, which declined to comment citing a non-disclosure agreement.