SXSW Lineup Includes ‘The Fall Guy’ and Pamela Adlon’s Feature Directorial Debut

The festival takes place March 8-16 in Austin, Texas

Ryan Gosling, SXSW, Pamela Adlon
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The SXSW film festival announced their lineup on Wednesday, which is set to include the first screening of David Leitch’s latest actioner, “The Fall Guy.” The film stars Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt in a story of a stuntman who goes in search of a missing star.

Outside of that, which is part of their Headliners section, the festival will also showcase “Better Things” star Pamela Adlon’s directorial debut, “Babes.” The film, starring Ilana Glazer and Michelle Buteau tells the story of Eden who, after becoming pregnant from a one-night stand, relies on her married best friend to get her through it.

Their opening night television premiere is David Benioff and D.B. Weiss’ upcoming series “3 Body Problem” for Netflix. The film dropped its first trailer yesterday. The series stars Jovan Adepo, John Bradley, Rosalind Chao, Liam Cunningham and Eiza González.

Claudette Godfrey, VP of Film & TV said in a statement that “The first wave of our spectacular lineup for SXSW 2024 is here. Brace yourselves for an epic mix of films, TV, and XR experiences that will deliver a high-octane blend of entertainment and inspiration to our legendary audiences. We’re excited to open our TV Premieres with the must-see ‘3 Body Problem’ and thrilled to welcome ‘The Fall Guy’ as our explosive Centerpiece Screening. Get ready, y’all, March in Austin is fast approaching and we’re throwing a party you don’t want to miss!”

You can see the rest of SXSW’s lineup below.


Audrey (Australia) Director: Natalie Bailey, Producers: Michael Wrenn, Dan Lake, Shannon Wilson McClinton, Diya Eid Screenwriter: Lou Sanz. Self appointed Mother of the Year, Ronnie has given her daughter Audrey everything, so when Audrey selfishly falls into a coma, Ronnie has no choice but to keep their dreams alive by assuming her identity. Cast: Jackie Van Beek, Josephine Blazier, Hannah Diviney, Jeremy Lindsay Taylor

Ben and Suzanne, A Reunion in 4 Parts Director/Screenwriter: Shaun Seneviratne, Producers: Shaun Seneviratne, Doron Jepaul Mitchell. The romantic reunion of Ben Santhanaraj and Suzanne Hopper is thwarted when Suzanne’s boss asks her to work during their holiday road trip in Sri Lanka. Cast: Sathya Sridharan, Anastasia Olowin

The Black Sea (United States, Bulgaria) Directors: Crystal Moselle, Derrick B. Harden, Producers: Izabella Tzenkova, Crystal Moselle Khalid, from Brooklyn, gets stuck in a small resort town on the Black Sea after chasing a money opportunity that goes wrong. Being the only black guy in the town, he quickly becomes the center of attention and finds an unexpected connection with a local. Cast: Derrick B. Harden, Irmena Chichikova, Samuel Finzi, Stoyo Mirkov

Bob Trevino Likes It Director/Screenwriter: Tracie Laymon, Producers: Tracie Laymon, Sean Mullin, Edgar Rosa, Felipe Dieppa. After searching for her estranged father online, a people-pleasing young woman unexpectedly forms a close bond with a grieving, childless man with the same name as her father on Facebook. Inspired by a true story. Cast: Barbie Ferreira, John Leguizamo, French Stewart, Lauren “Lolo” Spencer, Rachel Bay Jones

Mamifera (Spain) Director/Screenwriter: Liliana Torres, Producers: Carla Sospedra, Miriam Porté, Gerard Marginedas. Lola, happily child-free at 40, confronts an unexpected pregnancy, triggering a clash with societal norms. Amidst her reluctance to embrace motherhood, her boyfriend Bruno’s desire adds a surprising twist in their expectations. Cast: Maria Rodríguez Soto, Enric Auquer, Ruth Llopis, Anna Alarcón, Ann Perelló, Amparo Fernández, Maria Ribera, Anna Bertran, Marina Rodríguez, Mireia Aixalà

We Strangers Director/Screenwriter: Anu Valia, Producers: Olivia Wingate, Alex Bach, Zach Spicer, Joy Jorgensen, Miranda Kahn. Rayelle Martin, a commercial cleaning woman in Gary, Indiana, stumbles into a new job cleaning the homes of several rich suburban families. While working, she tells one small lie that spins out of control. Cast: Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Tina Lifford, Sarah Goldberg, Maria Dizzia, Kara Young, Hari Dhillon, Paul Adelstein, Mischa Reddy

We Were Dangerous (New Zealand) Director: Josephine Stewart-Te Whiu, Producers: Morgan Waru, Polly Fryer, Screenwriter: Maddie Dai. Nellie, Daisy, and Lou attend an institution for delinquent girls on an isolated island In 1950s New Zealand. The trio rail against the system, finding strength in their friendship. But this is challenged when the school’s matron divides them. Cast: Rima Te Wiata, Erana James, Nathalie Morris, Manaia Hall

We’re All Gonna Die Directors/Screenwriters: Freddie Wong, Matthew Arnold, Producer: Adam Maffei. A struggling beekeeper is forced to team up with an emotionally raw EMT on a roadtrip to retrieve her bees (and his car) after their stuff is suddenly teleported across the country by a massive alien tentacle that looms over Earth. Cast: Ashly Burch, Jordan Rodrigues, Nicole Javier, Chase Mangum, Luis Antonius Canete, Tom E. Proctor, Clinton Lowe, Vin Vescio, Beth May, Alexander Chard


A House Is Not A Disco Director: Brian J. Smith, Producers: Jeremy Truong, Joe Conforti. What if you really did put all the gays on an island? In this vibrant portrait of queer paradise, Fire Island Pines, past and present blur as the iconic beach town bands together to celebrate its legacy and redefine itself for a new, inclusive era.

An Army of Women (Germany, Norway) Director: Julie Lunde Lillesæter, Producers: Natalya Sarch, Julie Lunde Lillesæte. A group of women in Austin, Texas, join forces to legally challenge the system that allowed their rapists to walk free. An Army of Women is the landmark story of women fighting to hold law enforcement accountable, with resounding relevance worldwide.

Grand Theft Hamlet (United Kingdom) Directors/Screenwriters: Pinny Grylls, Sam Crane, Producers: Rebecca Wolff, Julia Ton. Shot entirely inside the video game Grand Theft Auto, this documentary charts the hilarious and profoundly moving story of two out of work actors as they try to stage a full production of Hamle within this notoriously violent digital world.

The In Between (United States, Mexico) Director: Robie Flores, Producers: Alejandro J Flores, Kellen Quinn. Following her brother’s death, filmmaker Robie Flores returns home to the Texas-Mexico border. Dancing playfully between personal and collective coming-of-age experiences, Robie rediscovers the possibilities of joy in the aftermath of grief.

Resynator Director: Alison Tavel, Producers: Kathryn Robson, Jon Lullo, Brendan Walter, Sara Nesson, Barbara McDonough, Christopher Noviello. In unearthing a revolutionary synthesizer her late father invented in the 1970s, Alison Tavel not only revives his mission to share it with the world, she unexpectedly forges a deep bond with the father she never got the chance to know. Featuring Alison Tavel, Grace Potter, Peter Gabriel, Jon Anderson, Fred Armisen, Money Mark, Gotye, Mike Gordon, Brian Kehew, Christian Castagno

Roleplay Director: Katie Mathews Producers: Darcy McKinnon, Jenny Mercein, Katie Mathews. College students confront sexual violence on their campus through a transformative theater process. This urgent coming of age story follows young adults grappling with sex, consent, identity, and power on their paths to adulthood.

Swamp Dogg Gets His Pool Painted Directors: Isaac Gale, Ryan Olson, Producers: Isaac Gale, Paul Lovelace, David McMurry, Ryan Olson, Ben Wu. Legendary musician Swamp Dogg, alongside housemates Moogstar and Guitar Shorty, have transformed their home into an artistic playground. Together, they navigate life in the tumultuous music industry. Featuring Swamp Dogg, Alonzo Williams, Moogstar, Tom Kenny, Guitar Shorty, Mike Judge, Dr. Jeri Williams, Johnny Knoxville, Naeem Juwan, John Prine


A Nice Indian Boy Director: Roshan Sethi, Producers: Renee Witt, Charlie McSpadden, Andrew Calof, Justin Baldoni, Screenwriters: Eric Randall, Madhuri Shekar. When Naveen brings his fiancé Jay home to meet his family, his traditional Indian parents must contend with accepting his white-orphan-artist boyfriend and helping them plan the most fabulous Indian wedding their community has ever seen. Cast: Karan Soni, Jonathan Groff, Sunita Mani, Zarna Garg, Harish Patel, Peter S. Kim, Sas Goldberg

Cuckoo (Germany) Director/Screenwriter: Tilman Singer, Producers: Markus Halberschmidt, Josh Rosenbaum, Maria Tsigka, Ken Kao, Thor Bradwell, Ben Rimmer. On a trip to the German Alps with her father and stepmother, Gretchen discovers that the resort town where they’re staying hides sinister secrets, as she’s plagued by strange noises and frightening visions of a woman pursuing her. Cast: Hunter Schafer, Dan Stevens, Jessica Henwick, Marton Csókás, Jan Bluthardt

Doin’ It Director: Sara Zandieh, Producers: Anthony Bregman, Erica Matlin, Polly Auritt, Lilly Singh, Anita Verma-Lallian, Screenwriters: Lilly Singh, Sara Zandieh, Neel Patel. A 30 year old Indian-American virgin gets a job teaching high school Sex Ed. Cast: Lilly Singh, Ana Gasteyer, Sabrina Jalees, Stephanie Beatriz, Mary Holland, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Trevor Salter, Sonia Dhillon Tully

I Don’t Understand You Director: Brian Crano, David Craig Producers: Kara Durrett, Jessamine Burgum, Jon Glickman, Joel Edgerton, Nash Edgerton Screenwriters: Brian Crano, David Craig: Brian Crano, David Craig. Following a devastating adoption scam, a couple go on an Italian vacation in an attempt to reconnect. After getting their rental car stuck in a countryside ditch, things begin to go awry. Between the torrential weather and language barrier, Dom, Cole and the Italians around them descend into a comical fiasco. Cast: Nick Kroll, Andrew Rannells, Nunzia Schiano, Morgan Spector, Eleonora Romandini

I Love You Forever Directors/Screenwriters: Cazzie David, Elisa Kalani, Producers: Diablo Cody, Lauren Hantz, Liana Weston, Mason Novick, Evan Silverberg, Billy Mulligan. A subversive love story gone wrong that follows a young woman into and out of an emotionally abusive relationship. Cast: Sofia Black-D’Elia, Ray Nicholson, Jon Rudnitsky, Cazzie David, Raymond Cham Jr

I Wish You All The Best Director/Screenwriter: Tommy Dorfman, Producers: Matt Kaplan, Tommy Dorfman. The film revolves around a non-binary teen who after being kicked out of the house by their conservative parents and moves in with their estranged sister, embarks upon a journey of self-discovery that teaches them about love, friendship, and family. Cast: Corey Fogelmanis, Miles Gutierrez Riley, Alexandra Daddario, Cole Sprouse, Lena Dunham, Amy Landecker, Lexi Underwood, Lisa Yamada, Judson Mills, Brian Michael Smith

Magpie (United Kingdom) Director: Sam Yates, Producers: Kate Solomon, Daisy Ridley, Tom Bateman, Camilla Bray, Nadia Khamlichi, Sierra Garcia, Screenwriter: Tom Bateman. When Ben and Anette’s daughter is cast in a film alongside glamorous movie star Alicia, Ben is quickly drawn into Alicia’s world. Anette is left at home with the baby, pushed to her emotional limits and psychologically on the brink. Cast: Daisy Ridley, Shazad Latif, Matilda Lutz, Hiba Ahmed, Cherrelle Skeete, Pippa Bennet-Warner, Alistair Petrie

My Dead Friend Zoe Director: Kyle Hausmann-Stokes, Producers: Paul Scanlan, Kyle Hausmann-Stokes, Terri Lubaroff, Ray Maiello, Mike Field, Richard Silverman, Robert Paschall Jr., Screenwriters: Kyle Hausmann-Stokes, AJ Bermudez. Engaged in a mysterious relationship with her wise-cracking (and dead) best friend from the Army, a female veteran is summoned to the remote lake house of her estranged Vietnam vet grandfather. Cast: Sonequa Martin Green, Natalie Morales, Ed Harris, Morgan Freeman, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Gloria Reuben

Turtles (Canada, Belgium) Director/Screenwriter: David Lambert, Producers: Patrick Quinet, Christian Larouche. After 35 years together, the seemingly perfect life that Thom and Henri had built started to go awry. They start to drift away from each other a little more each day. But Thom will do anything to save his relationship and rekindle their love. Cast: Dave Johns, Olivier Gourmet, Brigitte Poupart, Laurent Bonnet

The Uninvited Director/Screenwriter: Nadia Conners, Producers: Rosie Fellner, Carlos Enrique Cuscó, Ari Taboada. Rose and Sammy’s Hollywood Hills party takes a chaotic turn as elderly stranger Helen exposes hidden truths, reigniting old flames and unearthing secrets. Rose confronts her past, leaving everyone questioning their existence and desires. Cast: Elizabeth Reaser, Walton Goggins, Lois Smith, Eva De Dominici, Rufus Sewell, Pedro Pascal, Michael Panes, Kate Comer, Roland Rubio, Annie Kurzen


Cheech & Chong’s Last Movie Director: David Bushell, Producers: David Bushell, Robbi Chong. Cheech and Chong’s Last Movie explores the legacy of pioneering comics Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong with a mix of archival madness and cinematic road trip. The result is a true-life tale of fame and friendship stranger (and funnier) than fiction.

Dickweed Director: Jonathan Ignatius Green, Producers: David Ricksecker, Jefferis Gray. Two people got kidnapped. One man lost his dick. No one got any money. This heist-gone-horribly-wrong led one Newport Beach detective on an international manhunt for the most twisted criminal he’s ever hunted.

How To Build A Truth Engine (Austria) Director/Screenwriter: Friedrich Moser, Producers: Friedrich Moser, Robert Rippberger, Amina Bayou, Ivan Williams. An eye-opening documentary about how our biological hard-wired neurological behavior makes us so susceptible to misinformation, and what we can do about it.

Lions of Mesopotamia Director: Lucian Read, Producers: Mohamed Al Daradji, Patrick Reardon, David Hillman, Lucian Read, Ryan Bundra, David Katsman, Adam Linehan, Michael Sugar. This film recounts the Iraqi national soccer team’s journey to become Asian Cup champions in 2007 during the bloodiest days of their country’s civil war. The team, the sons of sworn enemies battling in war, united their country in its darkest hour.

Plastic People (Canada) Directors: Ben Addelman, Ziya Tong, Producers: Vanessa Dylyn, Stephen Paniccia, Screenwriter: Ben Addelman. Plastic People is a landmark feature documentary that chronicles humanity’s fraught relationship with plastic and one woman’s mission to expose shocking new revelations about the impact of microplastics on human health.

Preconceived Directors: Sabrine Keane, Kate Dumke, Producers: Heather Keane, Sabrine Keane, Maggie Contreras. A riveting documentary about the pervasive, but overlooked presence of Crisis Pregnancy Centers. Preconceived explores the complex role of deception, finances, faith, and privacy amid a shifting legal landscape.

Secret Mall Apartment Director/Producer: Jeremy Workman. In 2003, eight young Rhode Islanders created a secret apartment hidden inside the Providence Place Mall and lived in it for four years, filming everything along the way. The secret apartment became a deeply meaningful place for all its inhabitants.

Shaking It Up: The Life and Times of Liz Carpenter Directors: Abby Ginzberg, Christy Carpenter, Producers: Abby Ginzberg, Christy Carpenter, Jessica Brannon-Wranosky. Shaking it Up: The Life and Times of Liz Carpenter is the story of a trailblazing journalist, White House official, feminist leader, political activist, and humorist whose legacy is a vital part of Texas and US history and highly relevant today.

She Looks Like Me (United Kingdom) Director/Screenwriter: Torquil Jones, Producers: Lindsey Dryden, Ian Davies, Torquil Jones. Born without legs, Jen Bricker is abandoned by her biological parents. She idolizes America’s superstar gymnast – the mesmerizing Dominique Moceanu – only to find out that the two women share a shocking secret.

MoviePass, MovieCrash Director: Muta’Ali, Producers: Mark Wahlberg, Stephen Levinson, Archie Gips, Scott Veltri, Jack Heller, David Wendell. MoviePass, MovieCrash chronicles the origin story, meteoric rise and stranger-than-fiction implosion of the theatrical movie subscription app, MoviePass.

Whatever it Takes (United Kingdom) Director: Jenny Carchman, Producers: Allyson Luchak, Ben Travers. In 2019, a middle-aged couple are subjected to cyberstalking and bizarre deliveries, including a bloody pig mask and funeral wreath. As the harassment intensifies, the police and FBI close in on a Silicon Valley giant and some very unlikely suspects.


Azrael Director: E.L. Katz, Producers: Dan Kagan, Simon Barrett, Dave Caplan, Screenwriter: Simon Barrett. Many years following the apocalypse, a devout cult of mute zealots hunts down a young woman who has escaped her imprisonment. Cast: Samara Weaving, Vic Carmen Sonne, Katariina Unt, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett

Family Director/Screenwriter: Benjamin Finkel, Producers: Lynette Howell Taylor, Samantha Housman, Benjamin Finkel. Summer, 2002. Watching her sick father decline, 11-year-old Johanna makes a call for a good spirit to save him. But something else comes instead. Cast: Ruth Wilson, Ben Chaplin, Lucinda Lee Dawson Gray, Allan Corduner

Hood Witch (France) Director: Saïd Belktibia, Producer: Ladj Ly, Screenwriters: Saïd Belktibia, Louis Penicaut. Nour makes a living from smuggling exotic animals for her city’s marabouts, wishing to get her son out of the city and offer him a better future. But an exorcism turns into a tragedy and Nour has to face a wave of violence that could cost their lives. Cast: Golshifteh Farahani, Denis Lavant, Jérémy Ferrari, Amine Zariouhi, Issaka Sawadogo

Hunting Daze (Canada) Director/Screenwriter: Annick Blanc, Producers: Maria Gracia Turgeon, Annick Blanc. Nina, a young, tempestuous woman, is taken in by a group of hunters in a remote cabin. In the midst of this tough, yet endearing, male microsociety, she feels like she finally belongs. A mysterious stranger’s arrival disrupts her newfound haven. Cast: Nahéma Ricci, Bruno Marcil, Frédéric Millaire-Zouvi, Marc Beaupré, Alexandre Landry, Maxime Genois, Noubi Ndiaye

It’s What’s Inside Director/Screenwriter: Greg Jardin, Producers: William Rosenfeld, Jason Baum, Kate Andrews, Raúl Domingo. A pre-wedding party descends into an existential nightmare when an estranged friend shows up with a mysterious suitcase. Cast: Brittany O’Grady, James Morosini, Alycia Debnam Carey, Devon Terrell, Gavin Leatherwood, Reina Hardesty, Nina Bloomgarden, David Thompson

Kryptic (Canada, United Kingdom) Director: Kourtney Roy, Producers: Amber Ripley, Sophie Venner, Josh Huculiak, Screenwriter: Paul Bromley. Kryptic is a psycho-thriller about a woman’s search for a missing monster hunter and her growing realization that she is inescapably linked to the creature being pursued. Cast: Chloe Pirrie, Jeff Gladstone, Jason Deline, Ali Rusu-Tahir, Christina Meredith Lewall, Patti Allen, Pam Kearns, Jennifer Copping

Oddity (Ireland) Director/Screenwriter: Damian McCarthy, Producers: Katie Holly, Laura Tunstall, Evan Horan. In this new supernatural spectacle from Caveat’s Damian McCarthy, a blind medium uncovers the truth behind her sister’s death with the help of a frightening wooden mannequin. Cast: Gwilym Lee, Jonathan French, Carolyn Bracken, Ivan de Wergifosse, Caroline Menton, Joe Rooney, Steve Wall, Tadhg Murphy

Things Will Be Different Director/Screenwriter: Michael Felker, Producers: Shane Spiegel, Jacob Rosenthal, Michael Felker. In order to escape police after a robbery, two estranged siblings lay low in a metaphysical farmhouse that hides them away in a different time. There they reckon with a mysterious force that pushes their familial bonds to unnatural breaking points. Cast: Adam David Thompson, Riley Dandy, Chloe Skoczen, Justin Benson, Sarah Bolger, Jori Lynn Felker


Adrianne & The Castle (Canada) Director: Shannon Walsh, Producer: Ina Fichman, Screenwriters: Shannon Walsh, Laurel Sprengelmyer. Adrianne & The Castle is an inventive, musical documentary about grief and the creative power of love, told through the astonishing story of Alan and Adrianne St-George and their hand-built castle in rural Illinois.

Birdeater (Australia) Directors: Jack Clark, Jim Weir, Producers: Stephanie Troost, Ulysses Oliver, Screenwriter: Jack Clark. A bride-to-be is invited to her fiancé’s bachelor party, but when uncomfortable details of their relationship are exposed, the night takes a feral turn. Cast: Shabana Azeez, Mackenzie Fearnley, Ben Hunter, Jack Bannister, Clementine Anderson, Caroline McQuade

Dead Mail Directors/Screenwriters: Kyle McConaghy, Joe DeBoer, Producers: Zachary Weil, Brett Arndt. An ominous, bloody help note finds its way to the desk of a seasoned “dead letter” investigator at a 1980’s Midwestern post office, leading him down a violent, unforeseen path to a kidnapped keyboard engineer and his demented business associate. Cast: Sterling Macer, Jr., John Fleck, Susan Priver, Micki Jackson, Nick Heyman, Tomas Boykin

Dory Previn: On My Way To Where Directors: Julia Greenberg, Dianna Dilworth, Producer: Amy Hobby. A documentary about Dory Previn, an MGM lyricist and influential 1970s cult singer-songwriter who famously goes public about her schizophrenia diagnosis, ultimately accepting her voices and anticipating a modern-day neurodiversity movement.

Songs from the Hole Director: Contessa Gayles, Producers: Contessa Gayles, Richie Reseda, David Felix Sutcliffe, Screenwriters: James “JJ’88” Jacobs, Contessa Gayles. An incarcerated musician struggles for healing and peace as he comes of age in this documentary visual album composed behind bars.

The Trouble With Mr Doodle (United Kingdom) Directors: Ed Perkins, Jaimie D’Cruz, Producers: Simon Chinn, Jonathan Chinn. This is the story of an extraordinary boy born into an ordinary family in an unremarkable English town and how a childhood passion threatened to take over his life, his home and his mind.


This is a Film About The Black Keys Director: Jeff Dupre, Producers: Carter Little, Jeff Dupre, Elizabeth Gregory. This is a Film About The Black Keys traces Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney’s remarkable journey from two neighborhood kids jamming in a basement in Akron, Ohio to rock ’n roll super-stardom.

Diane Warren: Relentless Director: Bess Kargman, Producers: Michele Farinola, Peggy Drexler, Bess Kargman. Diane Warren: Relentless unveils the mystique and defiant personality behind one of the hardest-working and successful songwriters music has ever known. Featuring Clive Davis, Common, Gloria Estefan, Jerry Bruckheimer, Jennifer Hudson, Cher, Randy Jackson, Quincy Jones

Faders Up: The John Aielli Experience Directors: David Hartstein, Sam Wainwright Douglas, Producer: Shelby Hadden. A cinematic collage much like the style of his free form radio shows, Faders Up explores the extraordinary life and legacy of iconic KUTX Austin radio host, John Aielli.

Mogwai: If The Stars Had A Sound (United Kingdom) Director: Antony Crook, Producer: Kyrie Barker. When a pioneering band stays true to their roots and follows their own path, the outcome is ‘bigger than words and wider than pictures’.

Omar and Cedric: If This Ever Gets Weird (Germany) Director: Nicolas Jack Davies, Producer: Johann Scheerer. A film charting the artistic and personal relationship between Omar Rodríguez-López and Cedric Bixler-Zavala (At the Drive-In / The Mars Volta) told almost entirely through hundreds of hours of self shot footage filmed by Omar over the last 40 years.

The World According to Allee Willis Director: Alexis Spraic, Producer: Nicholas Coles Songwriter/artist Allee Willis began filming her life as a kid in 1950s Detroit and never stopped. She pursued creative expression at all costs while struggling with not fitting established gender and sexual norms until she found a path to love. Featuring Mark Cuban, Cyndi Lauper, Lily Tomlin, Paul Reubens, Michael Patrick King, Patti LaBelle, Pet Shop Boys, Pamela Adlon, Paul Feig, Mark Mothersbaugh


Bionico’s Bachata (Dominican Republic) Director: Yoel Morales, Producer: Cristian Mojica, Screenwriters: Cristian Mojica, Yoel Morales. Bionico is a hopeless romantic addicted to crack, who must take control of his life before his fiancée leaves a rehabilitation center. A raw vision of love in a hostile Caribbean city. Cast: Manuel Raposo, Ana Minier, El Napo, Yasser Michelen, Barbara Plaza, Donis Tavaras

Krzyk – Losing Control (Germany) Director: Ewa Wikiel, Producer: Ibrahim- Utku Erdogan, Screenwriters: Halina Rasinski, Ewa Wikiel. When a young bacteriologist witnesses a car accident, she becomes entangled in the life of the deceased, which triggers the suppressed loss of her unborn child. Cast: Gina Henkel, Anton Weil, Pawel Delag, Wiktoria Gorodecka, Natalia Mateo, Marek Pys

Malta (Argentina, Colombia, Norway) Director/Screenwriter: Natalia Santa, Producer: Kiran Fernandes. Mariana is young, systematic, unattached and want to go far away. Malta is her destination. Before she gets there, inspired by an improbable love affair, she will make another trip, one inside herself. Cast: Estefanía Piñeres, Patricia Tamayo, Emmanuel Restrepo, Diego Cremonesi

My Sextortion Diary (Spain) Director/Screenwriter: Patricia Franquesa, Producers: Patricia Franquesa, Mireia Graell. The thriller documentary about how Pati, the film’s director, embarks in a digital blackmail situation after her computer is stolen.

Natatorium (Iceland) Director/Screenwriter: Helena Stefánsdóttir, Producers: Sunna Guðnadóttir, Heather Millard, Julia Elomäki. A young girl stays with her estranged grandparents in the city while she auditions for an art group. When the family gathers after a long time to celebrate the girl’s acceptance into the group, an ugly family secret emerges. Cast: Ilmur María Arnarsdóttir, Arnar Dan Kristjánsson, Elin Petersdottir, Kristín Pétursdóttir, Stefania Berndsen, Stormur Jón Kormákur Baltasarsson, Jónas Alfreð Birkisson, Valur Freyr Einarsson


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