Ted Cruz’s Cancun Getaway Has Sparked Some Merciless #TedFled Memes

The internet got straight to work, photoshopping the Texas senator and his luggage into various scenes

Ted Cruz
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Even before The New York Times and Associated Press confirmed that Senator Ted Cruz indeed flew to Cancun while Texas battled a deadly winter storm, early reports sparked reactions from Twitter.

As images of a man who appeared to be Cruz at the airport and on his flight began circulating, MSNBC analyst David Corn corrected predicted, “I sense a meme. Who’s going to photoshop Ted Cruz in front of various disasters?”

And when you ask the internet for a meme, the internet provides. Twitter users immediately started crafting memes, using the hashtag #TedFled and/or #CancunCruz.

First came the photoshopping of Cruz and his luggage into various disaster scenarios, including the suggested Hindenburg explosion, along with Chernobyl.

Then there’s the Hollywood memes, adding Cruz to different scenes in movies and television, from “Seinfeld” to “Titanic.”

Some went further than just memes though, taking the opportunity to make entire videos spoofing the situation. Videos from everyone from “Ted Cruz’s Director of Communications” to his “flight attendant” to “Cruz” himself have started going viral on Twitter.

According to the AP, Cruz “was expected to return almost immediately.” According to flight information surfaced on Twitter, Cruz appears to be returning to his home state on Thursday afternoon.

You can check out more reactions and memes below:



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