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ChatGPT was the fastest growing consumer product ever. But enterprise is where the action is — for now

ai in the workplace midjourney
Is Generative AI an Enterprise Thing? (Midjourney/Big Technology)

Office workers had themselves a week. Two days apart, Microsoft and Google introduced generative AI tools that make attending meetings, writing emails, scheduling travel and catching up on projects infinitely easier. The products channel the wonder of ChatGPT, Dall-E, Midjourney and Bard into clear, applicable uses. And these obvious uses just happen to be in the workplace. Perhaps it’s no accident.

About a year into the Generative AI phenomenon, it’s becoming evident that the technology is most useful in the enterprise first, with broader consumer adoption perhaps to follow. The booming launch of ChatGPT — 100 million users in two months — made it seem like fast, mass adoption of AI chatbots and their related tools was possible.


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