‘The Masked Singer’ Sends Home a Lone Wolf: And Hawk Is…

Contrary to Ken Jeong’s guess, it was definitely not Andrew Garfield



Wednesday night marked the end of yet another competitor’s journey on “The Masked Singer” — a lone wolf, if you will. Or rather, a teen wolf.

The singing competition celebrated spooky season with a Harry Potter-themed episode this week, marking the return of Hawk after he beat Royal Hen — later revealed to be Billie Jean King — in a Battle Royale last week. This time around, he performed “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic” by The Police.

Following his performance, Hawk was sorted into Ravenclaw by the sorting hat, and the judges guessed it might be Ryan Phillippe, Andrew Garfield or Billie Joe Armstrong under the mask. In the end though, they were all incorrect.

Because, in the end, Hawk was unmasked to be… “Teen Wolf” star Tyler Posey.

Posey just released a new album called “UNRAVELED” earlier this year, and tells TheWrap he does plan to do a tour for it, while still balancing his acting career. Admittedly though, Posey hoped to be on “The Masked Singer” a bit longer before that happens.

“I did want to take it all the way home. I really did,” Posey told TheWrap. “I thought I was going to, honestly. I didn’t see how the others performed until I did the smackdown. And the first one I was like, ‘Okay, I got this. I’m definitely gonna win this.’ And then the second Smackdown, I saw the Tiki Drink perform, and I was like, ‘Oh, I’m gonna win. I’m definitely advancing to the next round.’”

He continued, “And so when I didn’t, I was super surprised. And I was a little bit sad. I am competitive, I wanted to give it my all, I wanted everyone to see that I gave it my all. But, you know, once I got over it, I was like, ‘That was such a fun experience.’ But yeah, I definitely tried my hardest to to advance to the next rounds, and I wanted to see it all the way through.”


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