‘The View’ Derides Kevin McCarthy for Running to Trump’s Aid Because He Wasn’t Eating: ‘What, Was He Gonna Breastfeed Him?’ | Video

“It just makes no sense to me!” the ABC host says

The View

Liz Cheney’s new book is said to hold multiple bombshells about the Republican party, but none made the women of “The View” chuckle as much as the reveal that former House speaker Kevin McCarthy apparently sprinted to Trump’s aid after learning that the former president wasn’t eating.

Even just teeing up the topic on Wednesday’s episode of the show, Whoopi openly mocked McCarthy, explaining that he “ran — raaaaaaan — to Mar-a-Lago after the election, because staffers said You-Know-Who was so depressed, he wasn’t eating.”

She then took a moment to pause and make another disgusted face at the story, and at that, Joy Behar cut in, joking that she wouldn’t be giving Whoopi her famous homemade lasagna as a birthday gift next year, as Behar did this year.

“Whoopi, I was thinking. Next year, no lasagna for you. I’m sending it to Donald,” Behar joked. “So hungry, poor thing is not eating!”

But really, Whoopi just wanted to know what McCarthy thought he’d be able to do to help Trump, considering he was mad about something no one could change.

“Kevin McCarthy felt so strong, what, was he gonna breastfeed him?” Whoopi mocked. “It just makes no sense to me!”

You can watch the full moment from “The View” in the video above.


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