‘The View’: Whoopi Struggles Not to Laugh After Jim Jordan Opts Out of 3rd Speaker Vote – Everyone Will Remember ‘You Ran From This’

“Just get out while it’s clean” the ABC moderator advises

The View

Rep. Jim Jordan opted out of a third attempt at becoming House Speaker on Thursday morning, temporarily halting his bid for the job. As the news broke during “The View,” moderator Whoopi Goldberg struggled to suppress her laughter, but eventually encouraged Jordan to just drop out permanently.

To kick off the day’s Hot Topics, the women marveled at the fact that, 16 days after Kevin McCarthy’s ouster, Republicans still haven’t been able to land on a replacement speaker. Host Alyssa Farah Griffin joked that “we’ve heard of girl math, we’ve heard of boy math, then there’s congress math,” which adds up to “no solution.”

Farah Griffin added that, in her view, the “best case scenario” would be allowing interim speaker Patrick McHenry to continue on in the job “in a caretaker role.” Then, during the commercial break, it was revealed that Jordan would in fact be opting out of a third vote.

“Welcome back, we just got word that Jim — ” Whoopi started, before needing a moment to compose herself. “That, uh…”

The moderator wasn’t able to get the sentence out though, physically restraining herself from laughing. So, Farah Griffin took over to explain the situation.

She noted that Jordan appears to be supporting McHenry for the time being, but added that he is reserving the right to make another attempt at the speaker seat later, if he wants to.

At that, Whoopi got serious, and encourage Jordan to just call it a permanent end to his attempts.

“I don’t know why you wanna do that to yourself,” Whoopi said. “Just get out while it’s clean. ‘Cause now, everybody’s gonna be talking about the fact that you ran from this because you knew you didn’t have the votes.”


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