‘Transformers’ Star Nicola Peltz Lives the High Life in First ‘Affluenza’ Red Band Trailer (Video)

Directed by “Holy Rollers” helmer Kevin Asch

Young adults lounge about, smoke, drink and party, but no, this isn’t another trailer for “#RichKids of Beverly Hills.”

“Affluenza” is an indie drama depicting a fictionalized version of that world, wherein the older generation can only look on in bewilderment as their kids revel in having no responsibilities and more money than they know what to do with. Our window into this world is Fisher (Ben Rosenfield), who moves in with rich relatives after his middle-class grandfather dies. Among his new social scene are party-hard cousin Kate (Nicola Peltz) and her cohorts Dylan (Gregg Sulkin) and Todd (Grant Gustin).

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“They’re gonna pound on these gates looking for a piece of the pie,” Dylan sneers at newsreels of Occupy Wall St.-esque protesters. “But they’re not gonna get it.” Luckily for Fisher, his new rich friends don’t judge him too harshly for his background, in large part because he can get them some really good weed, and he’s quick to catch on to the affluent lifestyle. But everyone may be in for a rude awakening when his aunt and uncle seem on the verge of losing everything.

Kevin Asch of “Holy Rollers” directed “Affluenza,” which FilmBuff will release in theaters and on VOD on July 11th.