Chuck Todd Says Believing Trump ‘Can’t Lose’ GOP Primary Is the Same ‘Failure of Imagination’ That Led to 2016 Win (Video)

But “we still live on this version of Earth,” where no “viable” opponent has come forward, the Meet the Press anchor says

Chuck Todd

Chuck Todd challenged the “inevitability” of Donald Trump as the 2024 GOP presidential nominee, saying the belief amounts to the same “failure of imagination” that led to his 2016 win.

Todd said that “the idea that he cannot be beaten in this Republican primary has been a source of strength for him.” The Meet the Press anchor noted that the debate was a peek into what the Republican party could resemble without Trump onstage. 

Last week, Fox News hosted the first Republican primary debate while Trump sat for an interview with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, which aired just as the debate was beginning. Regardless, Trump still remains the Republican frontrunner even after choosing not to attend. 

“We still live on this version of Earth,” said Todd. “And until one of Trump’s opponents is recognized as a viable challenge by Republican primary voters. It is a debate that may have to be put on hold until 2027.” 

Todd then noted that the “failure of imagination” that Trump could win the nomination in the 2016 election cycle, is the same as believing that he can’t lose the nomination for the 2024 election. 

According to the Meet the Press anchor, Trump’s primary threat has “always been his legal troubles.” While his campaign is “cashing in on the mugshot,” it is the only real “visual representation,” of his four criminal indictments and “and 91 felony counts against him and the political trouble they may represent.” 

Todd then moved on to discuss the voluntary surrender of all 18 of Trump’s co-defendants, in his Georgia criminal case. “Two have already requested a speedy trial,” acknowledged Todd. “Leading to questions about whether they might cooperate.” 

“So, consider a televised trial,” for the co-conspirators, which is Georgia law as Todd pointed out. “Starting as early as this October and potentially before any trial that features Donald Trump starts.” 

“Fani Willis could lay out the case against Trump for the nation,” prior to the Republican primary calendar, Todd said. “That’s an unknown unknown.”