TV Productions May Have Shut Down, But Some Postproduction Jobs Remain

Small businesses with lots of video to edit and animation studios, which deal with less live-action material, are weathering the pandemic better than others

When the coronavirus pandemic first forced Lane and Rodney Holland to start doing their jobs in postproduction from home, they felt lucky to be spending more time with their children — and to have work at all. But for the first time since they started working in the television industry more than 10 years ago, the married couple isn’t sure when they’ll find their next job.

“I probably have about two weeks left of my job, which is unfortunate,” Lane, a story producer on a Food Network show, told TheWrap. “I don’t know, maybe there will be something else they can get me to work on. I’m full-time, but if there’s nothing to work on, there’s nothing to work on. I know that they have started laying people off.”

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Margeaux Sippell

TV Reporter • • @margeauxsippell