From ‘Fargo’ to ‘Cobra Kai,’ Do Movie-to-Series Adaptations Need Film Fans to Succeed?| Chart

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Ranker data shows fans of a movie aren’t necessarily more likely to enjoy the TV spinoff

"Fargo" Season 5
Juno Temple as Dorothy “Dot” Lyon in "Fargo" Year 5 (Photo Credit: Michelle Faye/FX)

As a newer streamer in an entertainment world where popular IP is only getting scarcer and more expensive, Peacock secured a significant victory in claiming the rights to “Ted.” The implicit value in licensing well-known fictional characters and universes is that any new iteration in a given franchise is going to attract fans of the original. Given all that, Peacock is likely doing its best to bring fans of “Ted,”originally distributed by Universal, to the streaming platform. 

But surprisingly, our data suggests that when big screen characters get the small screen treatment fans of the movies aren’t any more likely to love the TV adaptation than the average fan — in other words, the shows successfully build fan bases of their own.


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