Who’s Running X – Elon Musk or Linda Yaccarino? | Analysis

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Twitter’s rebrand seems driven by the whims of its owner rather than its brand-savvy CEO

Who's in charge of X elon musk linda yaccarino
The rebranding of Twitter to X has Elon Musk's fingerprints all over it. (Christopher Smith/TheWrap)

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Twitter is now X, because its owner, Elon Musk, says so. Where does that leave Linda Yaccarino, the former NBCUniversal executive he named CEO of Twitter just a few months ago?

That’s the question many media insiders are asking. The rebrand was classic Musk: off the cuff, ramshackle and fast. It’s the polar opposite of the kind of carefully planned rollouts of new brand initiatives Yaccarino was known for at NBCUniversal.

“From what I can tell, Yaccarino is not driving this bus,” said Brian Chevalier-Jordan, chief marketing officer of National Business Capital.