Discovery’s Velocity Channel Slate Includes 7 New Series, 12 Returning Shows

Popular car show “Wheeler Dealers” headlines channel’s Upfront slate with U.S. debut

Velocity, the Discovery Networks channel dedicated to the automotive world, unveiled its lineup Thursday at its Upfront presentation in New York.

The cable network, which ranks No. 1 in year-over-year subscriber growth among ad-supported cable networks, returns 12 franchises and seven new series — including “Wheeler Dealers,” one of Velocity’s most popular franchises, which comes to the U.S. for the first time. The show centers on restoring classic vehicles.

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Velocity, which was formerly HD Theater, added nearly 11 million homes in the first quarter of 2013, bringing the total up to 60 million.

“Velocity is the home for automotive programming on television. But our viewers recognize that we offer much more than just cars,” said Robert Scanlon, general manager, Velocity. “Our programming resonates with our audience because it evokes the timeless feelings of adventure, independence and freedom that you experience when you first get behind the wheel. Velocity’s Upfront slate delivers on that promise with established series and new series featuring real, dynamic characters.”

Here’s Velocity’s slate, as described by the network:

Returning Series
GRAVEYARD CARZ (13×60) Premieres October 2014
The GRAVEYARD CARZ crew – Mark, Daren, Josh and Royal – take wrecked muscle cars and restore them to assembly-line condition. Led by Mark “The Warmachine” Worman, the crew works some serious magic to get these Mopar racing classics across the finish line every week. As a leading Chrysler muscle car specialist and body shop owner, Worman doesn’t settle for anything less than perfect restorations. Neither does his team as there is too much beauty in a quality Detroit automobile to let them go to rust. Even if it is a Herculean effort, these cars will rise again.

OVERHAULIN’ (5×60) Premieres December 2014
OVERHAULIN’ is TV’s longest-running auto restoration show that executes incredible car makeovers for deserving owners and reinforces the strong emotional connection between man and machine. In each episode, master automotive designer Chip Foose combines his incredible originality, artistic abilities and amazing automotive knowledge to deliver life-altering surprises for worthy car owners. Viewers will witness the restoration process from start to finish – from the set-up, to the strip-down, to the incredible surprise – all with the unmistakable stamp of a Foose design.

Premiere Series
CRASH! (17×30) Premieres December 2014
This jaw-dropping series brings together all of the best crashes, smashes, bashes, flips and trips from the high-octane world of motorsport. With footage from major international events and plenty of classic clips, CRASH! offers viewers amazing escapes as rally cars roll, stunt riders get it wrong mid-air and eight-wheeled trucks vie for the same piece of track.

Returning Series
CAFÉ RACER (6×60) Premieres January 2015
Join the world’s best custom bike builders as CAFÉ RACER pushes the envelope further, faster and cooler than ever before. CAFÉ RACER takes viewers to places – and speeds – they have never dreamed of.

CHASING CLASSIC CARS (13×30) Premieres January 2015
The Godfather of cars, Wayne Carini, returns to show viewers the ins and outs of high-end car collecting. Wayne makes it his business to find and restore some of the world’s most classic cars to their original beauty. Join him as he takes fans on an automobile treasure hunt around the country.

AMERICARNA (10×30) Premieres January 2015
AMERICARNA is a car culture television series hosted by legendary NASCAR crew chief Ray Evernham. Along with guidance from his friend, mentor and Hendrick Motorsports owner, Rick Hendrick, Evernham take viewers back in time and introduce them to a period of history when the automobile heavily influenced American culture. They tell behind-the-scenes stories of lost race cars, barn finds, speed secrets, Hollywood films, historical racetracks and other unique places. Along the way, viewers meet the cars and characters that have helped shape and preserve this history.

WHEELER DEALERS (10×60) Premieres January 2015
WHEELER DEALERS is back with hosts Mike Brewer and his superstar mechanic Edd China. Join the automotive world’s finest duo as they work on restoring classic vehicles on a budget and face intense challenges, but never fail to sell their creations to a lucky new owner.

GRAVEYARD CARZ (13×60) Premieres March 2015
The GRAVEYARD CARZ crew – Mark, Daren, Josh and Royal – take wrecked muscle cars and restore them to assembly-line condition. Led by Mark “The Warmachine” Worman, the crew works some serious magic to get these Mopar racing classics across the finish line every week. As a leading Chrysler muscle car specialist and body shop owner, Worman doesn’t settle for anything less than perfect restorations. Neither does his team as there is too much beauty in a quality Detroit automobile to let them go to rust. Even if it is a Herculean effort, these cars will rise again.

LEGENDARY MOTORCAR (13×30) Premieres March 2015
If you want a look inside a one-stop shop for rare and classic cars of all kinds, look no further than LEGENDARY MOTORCAR. The series takes viewers inside the world of high-end restorations, appraisals, storage and sales for a fascinating look at the drama, quality craftsmanship, and excitement of creating and preserving high-end collector automobiles.

DALLAS CAR SHARKS (10×30) Premieres March 2015
Welcome to the world of competitive auto flipping. Car dealers from all over the world gather in Texas to find bargains they can turn into big profits. Dealers rely on instinct and experience to outwit the competition. Once the vehicle is bought the real drama begins as dealers discover the car’s true condition and history, as well as what surprises, treasures or contraband may be hidden inside. They do whatever is necessary to get it sold and each week viewers find out which car shark did the best job.

Premiere Series
WHEELS THAT FAIL (wt) (18×30) Premieres January 2015
WHEELS THAT FAIL (wt) is a comedic compilation of the most outrageous, hilarious and dangerous misadventures on wheels. Featuring compelling caught-on-camera clips, razor-sharp commentary, and mind-blowing segments, this fast-paced series assembles the very best of the worst for your viewing pleasure. From faulty design to stunts gone wrong and just plain-old stupid driving, the combination of homespun footage and cheeky observations makes this show a riot.

VERSUS (8×30) Premieres March 2015
Let the debate begin!  Which car is faster, sleeker and better? Each episode of VERSUS pits two classic rivals – American muscle cars, European roadsters, high-performance sedans, sport coupes, exotic supercars, and more – against each other.  Then an expert line-up debates the pros and cons of each vehicle and puts each car through grueling road test to find out which car is the best.

Returning Series
WHAT’S IN THE BARN (10×30) Premieres June 2015
WHAT’S IN THE BARN? crisscrosses the U.S. for vintage motorcycles and cars. Wheels Through Time Museum curator Dale Walksler and his son Matt host this one-of-a-kind journey through America’s barns where yesterday’s junk becomes automotive Americana that he will bring back to life and sell. Walksler has spent his life searching for long-since forgotten gems, and uncovering history in the most unusual and extraordinary places. As his passion grew, so did his collection, eventually evolving into the motorcycle paradise that is the Wheels Through Time Museum. Located in Maggie Valley, N.C., Wheels Through Time features more than 300 of America’s rarest classic motorcycles, and the collection continues to grow thanks to Dale’s undying passion for historic automotive machines.

Specials/Live Events
ISLE OF MAN TT (7×60) Premieres June 2015
Velocity is bringing viewers seven nights of same-day motorcycle racing coverage from the annual Isle of Man TT, arguably one of the most well-known road races in the world. With riders of all categories topping speeds approaching 200 miles per hour – on closed public roads – the route twists through mountains, fields and towns, offering an awesome motorsports viewing experience.

Returning Series
FANTOMWORKS (6×60) Premieres July 2015
Every car has a story, and if you can prove to restoration expert Dan Short that you care about your vehicle and want the job done right, he MAY accept you as a client. FantomWorks is a bustling shop with a busy production pipeline. From concept to execution, Dan and his team handle anything and everything in-house as they meticulously restore some of America’s favorite rides. Old cars come with new obstacles every week including irate car owners, personality clashes, cost overruns, parts problems and walk-outs. Come along for the ride.

WHAT’S MY CAR WORTH? (13×30) Premieres July 2015
WHAT’S MY CAR WORTH? returns for more collector car action across the auction block. Car collector expert Keith Martin and host Josh Nasar take viewers on a tour of the greatest garages in the U.S., hoisting collector cars worthy of top prices. As car assessment experts offer sellers their best bets, the final price tag is determined on the auction block by the top bidder.

GARAGE SQUAD (wt) (10×30) Premieres July 2015
You know that “project car” you’ve been working on for the last five years? The car just sitting in your garage collecting dust? Well, today could be the day you can finally drive that project out of your garage. Velocity’s series GARAGE CRASHERS (wt), surprises the people working on car projects with the opportunity to get expert help to finally finish them. GARAGE CRASHERS‘ (wt) team of ace mechanics searches auto parts stores across America for worthy backyard automotive restorers, and walks out with them ready to take those cars from DIY to DONE.

KINDIG CUSTOMS (10×60) Premieres August 2015 Dave Kindig, owner and operator of Kindig-It Design in Salt Lake City, Utah turns out one-of-a-kind vehicles for his demanding (and sometimes famous) clientele. In Velocity’s KINDIG CUSTOMS, viewers will see Kindig and his team working on all types and periods of cars. From rendering and design to building and restoring, viewers see vehicles being made from the ground up before being revealed to the car’s owner.

Premiere Series
JUNKYARD HUSTLE (wt) (6×60) Premieres July 2015
Some people try to find their fortune digging for gold. On JUNKYARD HUSTLE a father and son see gold everywhere they look – solid steel gold – in their Maryland junkyard. They hustle everywhere from their junkyard and other junkyards to police auctions and other dealers for anything metal – cars, motorcycles, boats, homes, campers or heavy equipment. If they two can find it, they’ll buy it and turn it around for a slick profit.

WHEELER DEALERS USA (wt) (10×60) Premiere Date TBD
Mike Brewer and Edd China will bring their talents for restoring and flipping incredible cars to America in WHEELER DEALERS USA (wt). For the first time ever Velocity’s hit franchise WHEELER DEALERS will dedicate an entire season to the United States. Mike and Edd will look for the best cars – from the sunny beaches of California to the coldest edges of Maine – to buy, restore and then sell for a tidy profit. Instead of the U.K. the car-crazy U.S. with awesome new challenges awaits as their automotive oyster.

Specials/Live Events
DREAM CAR WEEK (12×60) Premieres August 2015
What car would you want to own if you could choose from any in the world? That’s what DREAM CAR WEEK is all about. The most amazing autos from yesterday and today will be on full display as Velocity indulges in car lovers’ fantasies and a few lucky realities!