‘Walking Dead’: Watch Every Season 2 Trailer (Video)

AMC releases another teaser clip that tells us nothing — so why are we so excited?

AMC continues to tease "The Walking Dead" in advance of the hit zombie show's second-season return on October 16 and we're quite pleased that this is happening — even though the trailers tell us pretty much nothing.

But especially thanks to the trailer AMC put together for Comic-Con, a fuller picture of what might be in store for us in season two is emerging.

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Here's what we know so far, based solely on the five clips for season two that AMC has released (and that are embedded below for your enjoyment):

1. The gang of survivors is leaving Atlanta.

2. The gang of survivors may be splitting up.

3. Rick Grimes is skilled in the art of bashing zombie brains in with a rock.

4. Laurie Holden's Andrea is still entirely sour-faced (and, hey, we don't blame her).

5. "It's all about slim chances now — and a slim chance is better than none."

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But that's really all the clips really tell us, other than the zombie apocalypse is very much in full swing. For better or for worse, the clips also indicate that the series' slow pacing and ominous mood will be in place once again — even if Frank Darabont, the season-one showrunner, isn't.