Well-Played, My Ginger Friend

Conan will land on his size 16 feet, enjoy his 30 mil and siphon off what’s left of Leno’s audience


Well-played, my ginger friend.
As we all watched with feigned-bated breath, NBC executives imploded with their late-night stupidity, we knew Conan would survive. Thrive, actually, as evidenced by that nice little $30 million settlement which will take away the sting of embarrassment.
Anyone named after The Barbarian will end up just fine. Even if that’s not his true namesake, his sunny “Up With People” persona (I said persona) has endeared him to an older generation who want to take care of him, and the 20 somethings who think he personifies coolitude.
Perception is that Leno was being a jerk, complicit with NBC head honcho. Conan is the martyred hero and Letterman the wizened sage, toothily grinning at everything peacock-related.
Is Jay Leno that narcissistic? That he’d be willing to uproot, again, Conan and his entire staff, and schlep them back to 30 Rock?
You think it’s easy moving coast-to-coast?
Somehow, with all the other major drama going on in that network (don’t ask), I don’t think Conan would set foot on the sixth floor of the New York headquarters again. Unless it’s for a bit.
And do you buy the floating rumor that has Leno totally in the dark about Conan’s fate? Come on — Leno knew that having no decent lead-in to local news would kill his “variety” show. A show that was no funnier, creative or interesting than his old Tonight shtick. What variety?
And if the local news tanks, the advertisers run away, and the grapevine turns red with someone’s blood and this time, Conan was going to be the sacrificial lamb. But just because he’s young and has much to learn about back-stabbing, doesn’t mean he’s not media savvy.
Conan will land on his size 16 feet, enjoy his 30 mil and siphon off what’s left of Leno’s audience.
If Letterman’s smart, he’ll start a network just for the two of them.
Jay who?