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What’s the Deal?: Fans Should Give Ben Affleck a Chance as Batman (Video)

TheWrap's Jeff Sneider argues why Affleck is the right actor to inherit the cowl

Less than 24 hours after Ben Affleck was named the new Batman, there was a petition circulating amongst comic book fans to have him removed from the untitled "Man of Steel" sequel. Fortunately, Warner Bros. knows better than to listen to ill-considered, knee-jerk reactions from fans.

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Affleck's casting as the Caped Crusader caps one of the greatest Hollywood comebacks of all-time. The Oscar-winning filmmaker is a great choice to play a a more rugged Bruce Wayne, and he also gives the project a proven box office draw that could help the superhero sequel appeal to non-comic book fans.

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In the latest installment of "What's the Deal? With Jeff Sneider," TheWrap's resident fanboy argues why Affleck is the right actor to inherit the cowl.

Watch the video: