‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fans Mock Contestant’s Errant Anal Answer | Video

The correct answer was “This is the best,” but that wasn’t what Tavaris guessed, unfortunately for him

Wheel of Fortune contestants play the game as the board shows the unsolved puzzle "____ I_ T_E B__T!"
A still from "Wheel of Fortune" (Courtesy CBS)

“Wheel of Fortune” is a relatively simple word guessing game, like a simpler version of Wordle where you get more tries. But its seeming simplicity has caused a number of viral moments over the years — including on Thursday’s episode of the long-running series, when contestant Tavaris delivered an off-color answer that caused nervous laughter to run through the audience.

Watch the inglorious moment here:

During a toss-up puzzle, the board showed, “__ I_ T_E B__T!” in the category “Phrase.” Despite the first word only having four letters, that’s when Tavaris popped off with his guess: “Right in the butt!” The contestant next to him laughed, while the other let out a loud, scandalized “Whaaaat?!” Tavaris himself did a take to host Pat Sajak with a wacky facial expression and wide side-eyes, as he realized yeah, that probably wasn’t the move.

This face:

After a dramatic pause, Sajak lets out a sad, exhausted “… No.” It was a moment where Sajak may have wanted to bust out the “Everyone in this room is now dumber” speech from “Billy Madison.”

With two more S’s revealed, widely smiling fellow contestant Blake delivered the right answer: “This is the best!” To which a relieved Sajak responded, “Yeah, that’s, that’s it!”

Social media viewers couldn’t believe the enthusiasm with which this very wrong man delivered his very wrong answer. They knew that, given the large amount of time the show is often taped before it is aired, their man must have been sweating knowing what was going to be displayed on national television.

Some were quick to find the most relevant “Simpsons” reference.

Others felt that, I mean, you’re on family-friendly game show “Wheel of Fortune” here. The answer is not going to be “Right in the butt!”

Our condolences to Tavaris and his loved ones.

As well as the other contestant who surely died of shock, given how scandalized her own reaction to this guess was.

Let us all remember this day and light a candle when it comes up again on the calendar.


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