Where Are the Latinos at Sundance – and How Can Hollywood Really Help? | PRO Insight

Sundance 2020: I often wonder how it’s possible that Latinos remain so invisible even when we are the largest ethnic group in the nation

A year ago at the Sundance Film Festival, a group of Latinx industry execs kept asking each other the same question: Where are the Latinos?

With only a few movies at the festival by U.S.-born Latinos and the lack of our voices represented in the stories being told, we realized how little progress we’ve made in Hollywood. We vented our frustration on panels and on social media, but by the end of the festival, it was clear that we had to do more than just complain if we really wanted to help our community move forward.

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Beatriz Acevedo

Beatriz Acevedo is a leading voice in the entertainment industry and Latina entrepreneur in the United States. Beatriz became a tech media entrepreneur as the founder and President of mitú, the leading digital media brand for young Latinos. She is an advisor on Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s tech council, as well as on USC Annenberg’s foundation tech initiative, Pledge LA. She also co-founded La Collab to connect Latinx talent, executives and creators to opportunities in the entertainment industry. Beatriz is currently the President of her family’s Mexico-based foundation “Fundación Acevedo.”