Who Is ‘Baby Reindeer’ Star Jessica Gunning?

You may have seen her before on “The Outlaws” or “Law & Order: UK”

Jessica Gunning as Martha in "Baby Reindeer"
Jessica Gunning in "Baby Reindeer" (Credit: Netflix)

Jessica Gunning has made a big impression with her role as an obsessed stalker on Netflix’s “Baby Reindeer.” According to IMDb, searches for the British actress have climbed 16,463% since the buzzy series debuted on April 11.

She’s unforgettable as the energetic but unhinged Martha, who fixates on comedian Danny Dunn (series creator Richard Gadd.) While this is undeniably her breakout role, you might have seen her before in projects like Prime Video’s “The Outlaws,” “Law & Order: UK” and “Doctor Who.”

Here’s a guide to some of Jessica Gunning’s previous roles:

Sian James in “Pride” (2014)

This heartwarming movie is based on the true story of Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners, an LGBTQ club in London who raised money for the striking miners in Wales in 1984. When the two groups first meet up in the small Welsh mining town, the small-town folk aren’t sure what to make of the city dwellers — and the fact they’re gay. Gunning plays one of the most welcoming of the women, who’s the first to dance with the exuberant Jonathan (Dominic West) and make the LSGM feel at home. The cast also stars Bill Nighy, Imelda Staunton, George MacKay and Paddy Considine.

Jessica Gunning (at left) in "Law & Order: UK"
“Law & Order: UK” (Credit: Wolf Entertainment)

Angela on “Law & Order: UK” (2009-2014)

Gunning played a police receptionist on “Law & Order: UK,” the British spin-off that reworked the U.S. series with a London setting.

Jessica Gunning (far left) in "White Heat"
“White Heat” (Credit: BBC)

Orla on “White Heat” (2012)
Gunning played one of seven students who meet in a London, Tufnell Park flatshare in 1965 on 2012 limited series “White Heat.” The six-episode series revisited the characters at various stages through 1990, with older actors taking over the roles in the later installments.

Jessica Gunning in "Doctor Who"
“Doctor Who” (Credit: BBC)

Stacey Harris on “Doctor Who” (2008)

Gunning guest starred on “Doctor Who” in 2008 as a woman taking Adipose Industries pills to lose weight … but then her body breaks down into several cute, fluffy Adipose creatures, who resemble marshmallows. Eep!


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