Jason Segel Kidnaps Jesse Plemons and Lily Collins in Trailer for Netflix Hitchcockian Thriller ‘Windfall’ (Video)

The film hails from director Charlie McDowell and the writer of “Seven”

What would you do if you arrived at your vacation home, only to discover it was being robbed? That’s the conundrum facing Jesse Plemons and Lily Collins in the first trailer for the new Netflix thriller film “Windfall.”

Plemons and Collins play a wealthy married couple who find themselves being held hostage by an unstable but also somewhat inept criminal, played by Jason Segel. As the hostage situation continues, Plemons’ character grows more agitated, and with the sun going down, the stakes get more dangerous.

The original film hails from “The One I Love” and “The Discovery” filmmaker Charlie McDowell, who has a knack for twisty, semi-sci-fi stories. But further intrigue is added by the involvement of screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker, the writer behind “Se7en” and various other David Fincher projects who co-wrote “Windfall” with Justin Lader, based on a story by Walker, Lader, McDowell and Segel.

Plemons and Collins, of course, are no stranger to Netflix originals. Plemons is Oscar-nominated for his performance in the Netflix film “The Power of the Dog.” Collins starred in David Fincher’s “Mank” and leads the popular Netflix series “Emily in Paris” (which was recently double-renewed). McDowell’s last film was made for the streamer as well, the dark 2017 sci-fi feature “The Discovery” which he co-wrote with Lader.

Watch the “Windfall” trailer in the player above and check out the delightfully retro poster below. The film will be released exclusively on Netflix on March 18.