‘Yellowjackets’: Hear a Message From Lottie Matthews’ ‘Emergency Phone Line’ (Exclusive)

SMS engagement platform Community partners with Showtime for the show tie-in

Simone Kessell in "Yellowjackets"
Simone Kessell as Lottie Matthews in "Yellowjackets" (Kailey Schwerman/Showtime)

“Yellowjackets” fans can get a special (if eerily garbled) message from Lottie Matthews (Simone Kessell) if they call the “emergency phone line” number shown at her compound in the addictive Showtime series, thanks to the SMS engagement platform Community.

If you call 1- 607-478-1033, you’ll hear Lottie welcoming “wanderers” to her gated community. The recording, like the show’s opening credits, is alternately interrupted by static and skips ahead. Her greeting ends with “We’ll hear you if you hear us,” which echoes the cult-like chant the stranded soccer team relied on after their crash: “We hear the wilderness and it hears us.”

Community’s Jimmy Siam told TheWrap that it’s a way to “continue the conversation and storytelling after the episode ends.”


He added, “The team was looking for an innovative way to immerse fans into the storyline of ‘Yellowjackets’ in an authentic way with a nod to the 1990s nostalgia of a landline number for Lottie’s compound.”

The number has a central New York area code because that’s where the fictional Camp Green Pine is supposed to be. The actual camp is in Canada: Camp Howdy in Belcarra, British Columbia, near where the series films in Vancouver, B.C.

Showtime previously teamed with Community for the final season of “Shameless,” which allowed fans to join the Gallagher Family’s Group Chat.