‘Burn Notice’ Season 5: Watch the First Trailer (Video)

The USA Network spy series returns June 23

We've known that "Burn Notice," USA Network's highly successful spy series, would return June 23 for its fifth season for quite a while now — but there's finally a tantalizing trailer to go along with a premiere date.

Thanks to Maureen Ryan at AOL TV, who unleashed an exclusive in-depth interview with "Burn Notice" show-runner Matt Nix on Wednesday, we also know an awful lot about what's in store this season for "burned" CIA agent Michael Westen and his Miami-based cronies, including Bruce Campbell's beer-swilling former Navy S.E.A.L. Sam Axe.

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As teased near the tail end of season four, Westen has officially reunited with the C.I.A., the organization that had banished him to a life of pastel clothes and mercenary work in southern Florida. But according to Nix, working for the agency may not be a perfect fit anymore.

"Re-engaging with the spy agencies does not make everything simple for him," Nix told Ryan, and hints that his being re-instated "creates a whole different set of complications."

Enjoy the teaser trailer, which ends with the excellent line, "I eat a lot of yogurt."