Newsweek Avoids Condoms, Nudity in ‘Politics of Sex’ Cover

Newsweek shows readers what cover was passed over, and in this case it was condoms, naked women and a vibrator

Newsweek launched a new feature on its tumblr Tuesday, posting the cover art ideas left on the cutting room floor.

The story on this week’s cover, Andrew Sullivan’s “The Politics of Sex,” would seem to lend itself to some racy, controversial images.

While Sullivan writes about the return of the “culture wars,” and the brouhaha surrounding Obama's contraception policy, that title alone could lead to a Kate Upton-inspired cover.

Newsweek-Daily Beast chief Tina Brown has been known to stir the pot with her covers since assuming control of Newsweek, such as with the “Book of Mormon”-inspired image of Mitt Romney and the frightening Michele Bachmann photo.

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However, in this case Newsweek declined to take that extra step.

Some of the rejected ideas: two photos of red, white and blue condoms, two photos of the female nude, and one very patriotic but phallic cylinder (hey, an all-American vibrator!).

Instead, they went with this (h/t Dylan Byers):