‘Breaking Bad's’ Walter White Gets Obituary in Albuquerque Newspaper

'Breaking Bad's' Walter White Gets Obituary in Albuquerque Newspaper

“In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to a drug abuse prevention charity of your choice”

“Breaking Bad” fans paid tribute to their favorite deceased fictional character on Friday, placing a paid obituary in an Albuquerque newspaper to mourn his death.

A group spearheaded by an area high school teacher (who was quick to point out that he does not teach chemistry) got the death notice placed on page A4 of the Albuquerque Journal.

“White, Walter,” the obituary reads. “aka “Heisenberg,” 52, of Albuquerque, died after a long battle with lung cancer, and a gunshot wound.”

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“A co-founder of Gray Matter, White was a research chemist who taught high school chemistry, and later founded a meth manufacturing empire. He is survived by his wife, Skyler Lambert; son Walter “Flynn” Jr.; and daughter Holly. A private memorial was held by his family.”

“In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to a drug abuse prevention charity of your choice. He will be greatly missed.”

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  • Jim

    Very sad. ;-)

  • Smooth

    Thanks for spoiling the show in your headline!

    • frizza70

      you guys would have too live in a cave…is it their problem you couldn't keep up…

  • bigcpa

    I managed to make it five days from the finale without hearing a spoiler. Congrats to Sara Morrison and The Wrap for being first to ruin the ending.

    • tarmac80804

      Don't blame her for your failing. You should have watched it sooner or have been totally unplugged. You yourself said it, it's been 5 days.

    • Doug

      Same for me. I was avoiding all social media as I live in Paris and couldn't watch them live and this article's title completely ruined it, no “spoiler alert” or anything, and no apology either?

  • Karen

    Oh please – if you aren't on board by now, you have missed the meth boat. You had plenty of time.

  • Really Fing Angry

    thank you. thank you so much for letting all of us who were catching up over the weekend, hose of us who have to watch the show on Itunes or amazon or DVR, for ruining the most anticipated finally of all time. Especially for the email alert! A very fucking nice touch. Thanks!!!

  • kauaigal

    Oh come on you whiners. This isn't a spoiler. The guy had terminal lung cancer. You think he wasn't going to die?

  • Kanni Bassativa

    meth in the middle hee hee

  • Tony

    Spoiler tags? ruining the show for those of us not caught up…………. I wish I could meet Sara in real life…

  • terririmmer

    Yes, he is missed. Every Sunday since I think that the show is coming on.

  • Waltertheaholeisdead

    Here's an appropriate obit for Walter “Here lies an asshole who didn't die soon enough, now he's dead of lead poisoning and pole up his bum”.

    • Walter White


  • Tom

    LOL @ all the wanna be fakes out there crying about ruining the ending for them! Your not a fan, your a fake. Real fans have been on board since day one and lie and breath the show. GTFO —->

  • Thomas L.

    You guys are funny breaking bad first aired in 2008. Uh, where have you been lmao! No way on this earth that this is a spoiler. Pfft