With ‘Duck Dynasty’ Censorship, Twitter Does More Harm Than Phil Robertson (Opinion)

With 'Duck Dynasty' Censorship, Twitter Does More Harm Than Phil Robertson (Opinion)


At least Robertson owns up to his stupid beliefs

(Update: Twitter has removed the block on IStandWithPhil.com, apologized, and said the site was blocked “mistakenly.”)

I never thought I'd say this: Twitter has done something much more offensive than Phil Robertson did with his ignorant and gross denunciation of homosexuality.

The site has taken it upon itself to block users from linking to IStandWithPhil.com, a site where people can express their support for the suspended “Duck Dynasty” star. Worse, it has refused to say exactly why it is blocking the site, hiding behind vague, disingenuous messages about “spammy or unsafe content.”

At least Robertson owns his views, stupid as they are.

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By censoring the site, Twitter is sending a message that certain views are right and others are wrong. It should trust us to figure out right and wrong on our own.

Is it possible Twitter has legitimate concerns about spam? If so, it might want to get out front with a statement to that effect now. Because that's not how it appears. The pro-Robertson group Faith Driven Consumer says the site has censored three separate campaigns it has started on his behalf. If it's all a misunderstanding, Twitter should be aware of the problem: It's been the subject of a news release from Faith Driven Consumer, and the group and TheWrap have reached out for an explanation.

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By becoming not just a medium for messages but a filter, the site is expressing a lack of confidence in its power as a forum for ideas.

Twitter is a place for ridiculous gifs, dumb jokes, and, at its best, plotting revolutions. The genius of the site is that anyone can say anything, within the limits of 140 characters. And anyone is free to correct anyone. Users get to the truth almost instantly with favorites and retweets. The smart rise to the top. Occasionally, a Middle Eastern dictator goes down.

It's a beautiful thing — when Twitter has the sense to get out of its own way.

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Some people will make the case that Twitter is a business, not a government entity, and can censor whoever it wants. But Twitter is a business that thrives on open political debate. It is essential that it not silence one side. (Full disclosure: I just remembered I have a small amount of stock in the company. So I'm suggesting both as a shocked writer and a very, very minor stockholder that Twitter be smarter.)

Most of Robertson's supporters aren't using the IStandWithPhil.com website to condemn gays or express hate speech. Even if a few are, we should be glad — it's nice when bigots do us the courtesy of writing down their names on a piece of paper so we know not to date them later.

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What most visitors to the site are objecting to is the idea that media outlets limit their free expression.

I thought those people were full of it, to be honest. Robertson wasn't suspended from “Duck Dynasty” for his religious belief that homosexuality was a sin. People are free to believe very dumb things.

Robertson was suspended for crossing the line over to derision and mockery. There is no case to be made that his professed personal preference for “vagina” over “a man's anus” is based on anything in Corinthians. He wasn't suspended for his religious beliefs. He was suspended for the nasty way he expressed them, and the bad attention that brought to his employer, A&E.

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Unfortunately, Twitter had played right into the hands of conservative Christians who were previously deluding themselves when they imagined higher powers were out to get them because of their faith.

By censoring them for expressing their right to defend Robertson, the site has given truth to the once absurd narrative that conservative Christians are the victims of thought policing. Supporters will rally to the group's defense, and to the argument that Robertson has been excessively punished for his views.

Thought policing didn't work for those dictators, either. Twitter should know that better than anyone.

  • reinhart

    Just because someone doesn't believe as you (the author) it does not make them stupid. You're judging someone else by their belief now…how is that different?

    • tim.molloy

      Different from what? I'm not censoring him. He has a right to think what he wants, and I… nevermind. See article, above.

      • Reader

        I have the right to think you're an intolerant arse. Is that okay with you? Mr. PC?

        • Tim.Molloy

          Of course it is. But your loss, because Mr. PC is arguing that your side should be allowed to express it's wrongheaded views. Merry Christmas!

          • zt

            His views are not stupid. You are Mr. PC

          • Sodapop

            In case you haven't noticed, jerkweed, your side has been winning for the last 20 year or more.

            When the Liberal Democrats are in office they take ground. When the Republicans are in they fight just not to lose any more ground, but are always compromising, and further to the left we go.

            John F Kennedy would have felt right at home in the Tea Party, that's how far to the left we've gone, and things are worse than ever.

            You say ‘Merry Christmas’ but people, LIKE YOU, will one day do away with it.

          • Joe

            Not only would JFK be a member of the Tea Party..so would Jefferson, Madison, Monroe and Andrew Jackson to name a few

            Less taxes…less spending..

      • john

        Yes you have the right but it's your choice of wording ,”ignorant” that show you (the author ) is actually the intolerant type.

      • TimorReardonTaggert

        That's right, you have no legitimate defense for persecution of him or anyone else like him

      • sherman lain

        I saw article, and you also use the word, ignorant.
        Full Definition of IGNORANT
        a : destitute of knowledge or education ; also : lacking knowledge or comprehension of the thing specified b : resulting from or showing lack of knowledge or intelligence
        : unaware, uninformed

  • Robertson's views aren't stupid, Molloy, yours are.

  • 5lbBass

    Robertson's views aren't stupid. I disagree with your's Molley, but I won't tell you they are stupid, just grossy misguided.

  • Stuart W

    Ah Mr. Molloy, appears you have taken on the wrong opponents. Robertson's comments in GQ (if you've read them) may not be articulate, but neither are they stupid; unless you choose to label this country's religious citizens as same. You write considerably, if not always well, so perhaps your comments of the nee-jerk variety?

    • Tim.molloy

      I'm one of the country's religious citizens (please don't pretend to speak for all of us) and I find it absurd, stupid and really funny to think that with all the problems in the world, God is fretting over two guys getting a place together. But believe what you like!

      • Sodapop

        Don't lie. You're not a religious anything. There are SEVERAL places in the Bible that warn against homosexuality. YOU ARE IGNORING THE WORD.

        What other parts of the Bible should we start ignoring? Thou shalt not commit adultery? Thou shalt not kill? It's perfectly natural to have the urge to do those things, so maybe we should declare the Bible wrong about those commandments as well?

        • Clay Joiner

          lol you just equated murder to homosexuality. you know the pope, leader of 1.2 billion catholics has openly supported homosexuality. Who are you to judge bruh.

          • DaymonH

            The Pope isn't God. Read the old testament, and see just how many kings of God's people “did wickedly” in the eyes of The Lord.

          • DaymonH

            And just for the record, soda didn't equate anything to anything. God wrote those 10 commandments. Take it up with him if you have an issue with it.

          • Sodapop

            Just like a liberal to twist words and cry fake foul. According to the Bible Homosexuality is a sin. According to the Bible murder is a sin.

            YOU ARE THE ONE WHO STATES THE BIBLE IS WRONG, so what parts of the Bible should we trust?

          • Sodapop

            You mean the head of the church that sheltered about 5,000 homosexuals that molested 50,000 young boys?

          • Joe

            THE POPE NEVER SUPPORTED HOMOSEXUALITY….What he said was NOT TO JUDGE THEM….Not judging someone doesn't make it mean that he supports homosexuality

            Jesus told the adulterer I do not condemn you…by your logic Jesus then would be in favor of adultery…

            Classic lib argument.

          • Larry342516

            Where in the Bible did Jesus say “I do not condemn you” ? Jesus said He who is without Sin throw the first stone. Then he told the adulteress to go and sin no more. If Jesus see's sin he knows it is wrong and condemns it. Our God hates sin and also condemns sin. He would condemn all sin. And I ask you how can you not Judge sin as being wrong? If Gods word says they are sinful then a Christian should condemn the act of Homosexuality. If you stand neutral to sin then you are not living God's word. On judgment day all will stand before the Lord and be either condemned to Hell or allowed to enter Heaven.

          • the commish

            John 8:11-Jesus tells the woman caught in adultry that He doesn't condemn her-His forgiveness and mercy is shown and He edifies her to go and sin no more. Condemnation is the pronunciation of judgment-not the execution of it. I love God's grace. But God's holiness is just as sure. Sin-whether homosexuality or lying-is still sin. No matter what man says or thinks, God has the final say and His Word already has stated His decision about it. People have the right to live against God and His Word…they have the right to insult believers-they also have the right to die in their sins and suffer eternal death. All of that is so sad when God has provided a way of escape, but the world follows their own ways and desires.

          • Larry342516

            I believe we are understanding the same meaning, that Jesus forgave her of this sin. The other men were condemning this woman, and they were not without sin. The big difference here is that Jesus was and is without sin. Jesus knew no sin himself. The Lord could have condemned her to Hell, but He forgave her of her sin and told her to sin no more.

        • Wickedf

          The only words truly written by God are the ten commandments. The bible is written by man not God. Nowhere in the ten commandments does it say homosexuality is forbidden.

          • Guest

            The Bibles words are Gods word and God instructed man to right those words. Yes man wrote them, but the words were not of man. They were of God. How else would man know what God wanted and expected of us? God instructed the prophets what to write. At the end of the old testament God said there will be no more prophets ever again. But we have man wanting authority and making up new laws to live by. These men are instructed by the devil and are not to be listened to. Jesus said, no man enters into heaven except threw me. Jesus meant repent your sins and ask of me for forgiveness in order to enter Heaven. But so many try to change the word of God just to make life pleasurable for themselves. What I just said is very important. You can not repent your sins to another man and be forgiven. No matter who that man is. Only Jesus can forgive you.

          • Larry342516

            The Bibles words are Gods word and God instructed man to right those words. Yes man wrote them, but the words were not of man. They were of God. How else would man know what God wanted and expected of us? God instructed the prophets what to write. At the end of the old testament God said there will be no more prophets ever again. But we have man wanting authority and making up new laws to live by. These men are instructed by the devil and are not to be listened to. Jesus said, no man enters into heaven except thru me. Jesus meant repent your sins and ask of me for forgiveness in order to enter Heaven. But so many try to change the word of God just to make life pleasurable for themselves. What I just said is very important. You can not repent your sins to another man and be forgiven. No matter who that man is. Only Jesus can forgive you.

          • Sodapop

            The point is that you can't claim to be a Christian, and ignore the teachings of the Bible. Once you start picking it apart, then its credibility falls apart.

            If you are a Christian; you don't tear the pages out that you don't like, and write your own.

            Since you go by the name of Wicked; I'm guessing that you are NOT a Christian, and may not be the best person to argue these points.

          • DaymonH

            Your handle says “wicked”. Now why would anyone take anything YOU say about the Bible, or God seriously? The Bible was written by men inspired by The Holy Spirit. It is the perfect word of God.

      • DaymonH

        You may be religious, but you're certainly no Christian. If you were you would know exactly what God has to say about two men “getting a place together”, because you would be reading God's word. By the way, lying is an abomination to God as well as homosexuality. Yes, that's in the Bible, and you can quote me on it.

        • Joe

          If you DON'T think homosexuality is in the New Testament, I'd point you to Romans 1:27-28

        • tim.molloy

          Cool. How much time have you spent this season doing what Jesus asked you to do to help the poor? He never said a word about gays, but had lots of opinions about our obligation to serve the less fortunate. So… what have you done? I would love nothing more than for you to show me up by demonstrating all your good works, and setting an example for the rest of us to top.

          • Wilcot Mason

            If you want to be like him, then read the Bible thoroughly. Otherwise save the sarcasm for a time when joking is the focus. No one appreciates that.

          • brandon vierra

            any christian participating in this shame on you fore being a bad example and making the rest of us look like idiots. i am a believer and i am ashamed of being called christen and having to shear that title with all of the stupid people of to days world.

          • DaymonH

            Tim, the Bible says we are saved by grace through faith (not works) for starters. It also says “ALL have sinned, and come short of the Glory of God”. Helping the poor doesn't make you a Christian, and it doesn't void the fact that God said homosexuality is an abomination, and that Phil stated the facts, because he is a man of God. I admire his backbone, and his stand for the truth.

      • DonnaRoweHooten

        If you believe that it is Ok with God then you haven't read his word. It plainly speaks to this, but being religious is not the same as having a personal relationship with God.which only comes about when you give you life to God and profess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Then you will know what God thinks because he will make it very clear to you. There is nothing to big or too little for God and he doesn't turn his back on sin because he is too busy with other things.

        • Guest

          You are wrong Sir. God hates sin and will turn from it. Why do you think this Nation has so many problems right now? Because when we turn from God he also turns from are sinful ways. Jesus said, Go into the city and tell all who will listen. If you knock on their door and they will not listen then wipe the dirt from your feet and go elsewhere. It is thru Jesus that we are saved when we confess we have sinned. Jesus carry's our sin and not God.

          • DaymonH

            Jesus IS GOD. The Bible is clear about that. Read it.

        • Larry342516

          You are wrong Donna. God hates sin and will turn from it. Why do you think this Nation has so many problems right now? Because when we turn from God he also turns from are sinful ways. Jesus said, Go into the city and tell all who will listen. If you knock on their door and they will not listen then wipe the dirt from your feet and go elsewhere. It is thru Jesus that we are saved when we confess we have sinned. Jesus carry's our sin and not God.

    • Stuart W

      Mr. Molloy, you adroitly tried changing the subject (and the object of your piece). I “pretended” nothing more than my reaction to your employing the word “stupid” and putting it in Robertson's mouth. You have NO CLUE as to where I stand on ” two guys getting a place together”; a debate far-removed from discourse here. Judging the quality and quantity of naysayers, you may have gone after the wrong guy, but pleased I appear to have created the most angst. Hey, 20 responses and counting, you did your job!

  • Believer

    Phil just speaks the truth, so I guess the truth hurts a. Liberals are like spoiled kids when they don't get there way or someone disagrees with them, they bash them like a school yard bully would.

  • colcam

    I've strongly disagreed with Molloy– as many of you will remember– but in this case Molloy's ownership of calling Robertson names is directly linked and “owned” by Molloy, and is a faint, faint echo of what Twitter has done.

    Robertson was offensive (in Molloy's opinion) and many of you feel Molloy is equally offensive, but remember this: Each one of them said something, put their name on it, and that is a far cry from gagging someone you disagree with.

    A bad day to begin with, but Twitter went beyond bad.

  • BigDawg72

    I read the first sentence and realized you are a brainwashed turd. I will remember your name so I never read any trash you write again. Probably another mad homo

  • Christmas Blogger

    Conservatives should learn how to write. Hard to be credible when one can neither spell nor write.

    Believing an act is morally wrong does not make a man a hater. Tim, you're right about Twitter but you're article wreaks of hate.

    Merry Christmas, everyone!
    (I'm conservative)

    • Danielle

      That comment alone shows why this world has become politically correct. These are just posts… and if your talking about the article, so what! You understood everything that was said right? You didn't have to have someone that is “credible” read it to you did you? Didn't think so. So why say it? Did it really disrupt your life that bad that you had to point it out?

      • Danielle

        Oh almost forgot… (I'm a conservative) as well… just not as politically correct as most people these days!

    • Guest

      Oh almost forgot (I'm a conservative as well)…. just not as politically correct as most people these days!

  • Just Me

    Believes – Instruction's – Before – Leaving – Earth.

  • Saints Believer

    Phil is a man of God and love all people even homosexuals he hates the sin but loves the sinner as Jesus dose so who ever has a problem with him you have to answer to Jesus cause Phil is a disciple of Jesus and follows him only

  • RobertM

    why don't you all try to say those things at your job see how long you work there…..

  • brown953

    Anyone having worked in a large Emergency Room for a number of years knows of what Robertson was alluding to….Seeing gay men come in bleeding and spontaneously defecating after “love making” and being in terrible pain (as well as infection setting in, requiring antibiotics) is revealing as to the unnatural act involved. AIDS was so effectively transmitted by this act (the lining of the colon is easily bruised, allowing the virus to enter the blood stream (vs. the lining of the vagina, which is heartier and naturally lubricates)…..The bible (OT and NT) gave sound advice which Robertson ascribes to. And there are those of us who've seen, up close and personal, the destructive unnatural nature of the act he was alluding to.

    • Kate Taylor

      wow – you are a REAL dolt and i hope i never encounter you in any emergency room – i am a married woman who happens to ADORE anal sex … i saved it for husband and the first time was gentle and beautiful … and now he wrecks me every night with absolute, unequivocal wanton ravaging … and i'm just fine, thanks … i'm also 113 pounds and he's 6'2 with plenty of manmeat and all those other toys and beautiful things he uses to keep me in line… Oh, i'm also incredibly educated – both medicine, psychology and social consciousness, i even own my own radio station. Fancy that, a non-feminist businesswoman. i am NOT religious, nor am i politically correct. What i am, however, is about everyone having the right to their opinion. Whether i agree with it or not. You are the dangerous people. The sheep that equates opinion with intelligence, mass trend with correctness. Concentrate on your own growth and leave what's *natural* to whatever feels right to whomever is doing it.

      • tired

        gross. he must like the smell of poop.

        • Kate Taylor

          Yes, that is a common myth.
          The fact is that my bum is likely cleaner than your mouth …

          • tired

            you are insane.

      • DaymonH

        Kate, you come on here graphically depicting your tasteless sex life, and call this person dangerous?

        • Kate Taylor

          You know you're just jealous, Daymon … when was the last time someone hot had you in their mouth … i'm guessing… never.

          • TimorReardonTaggert

            You are an idiot. You say your are educated, yet you post like some street whore who knows nothing about propriety nor class

      • Sodapop

        You do realize that most men, that like anal sex, like it because it's a form of domination, and not because it feels better than regular sex.

        I'm going to guess that he also ejaculates in your mouth, and takes embarrassing pictures of you.

        • Kate Taylor

          Not just pictures – videos, too! And, yes we do enjoy a traditional D/s relationship and God help me if i lose a delicious drop … you people really need to lose the sex hang-ups, you know? You haven't a CLUE what you're missing. Must be really sad being as chaste and rigid as you, thinking your miniscule lives is all there is….

          • Wilcot Mason

            Actually no, most people reserve their anuses for the job God, nature, and evolution intended it to do; to defecate.
            It is not sad to be “rigid” and “chaste” anymore than it is sad to be naturally average. What is sad is your idea that to be happy, one must throw overboard what has been the norm for centuries.
            Know the facts about anal sex before you defend such literal crap.

      • Thisis bullshiat

        Bullshit. Your post proves how uneducated you are.

      • Joseph Smith

        You are my hero lol :)

      • Wickedf

        Kate, thank you for providing true actual accounts of responsible anal sex. All these Religious zealots just can't deal with anything different than their missionary procreation, once a month sex routine.

      • TimorReardonTaggert

        You are a dolt. When one has to state their “level of education” then we have issues. This is not your soapbox so go F yourself and get on track with the topic

    • Wickedf

      I'm sorry but your so called personal up close and personal account is frankly wrong and you are full of crap. Anal sex with consenting adults whether they be man or woman does not lead to the scenarios you are falsely depicting. I have worked as a paramedic for over 10 years and have worked in large Emergency Rooms for over 20 years and have never come across the situations you describe. So please stop spreading false information just to further your closed ignorant mind and ideologies. And please study some physiology before making a fool of yourself.

    • Sodapop

      Wow. Kate is really a disgusting person. I'm also guessing she is a he.

      • DaymonH

        Glad you said it first…

  • Lee Pepper

    and GOD will “sort this out” – quoting a portion of Phil Robertson. God is the Judge. A sin is a sin, is a sin, one does not carry more weight than another – I believe that to be what Phil was saying – homosexuality was listed among other sins (per the Bible). We have all sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God….. there was nothing homophobic about what Robertson said. He has admitted to some of his own sins publicly and how his life changed when he turned, as an example, to God. His testimony is that God can and will forgive sins against him. The other controversy he mentioned was when he worked in the fields along side predominantly black people in the 50s or so – what HE saw was they were happy people. Many of us can remember growing up with people of darker skin in the South that were happy as we all squeaked by in life. It is time for a reawakening and revival of Morals, Love and tolerance. God is the final Judge.

    • Larry342516

      How many will turn from this sin if they are married to it? Very few and our government condones it also. A God fearing country I think not. In God we trust I think not. And, when those that have not turned from their sin they will stand in the pit of HELL forever and be punished. As they come out of the closet they feel they are not wrong cause there are so many doing the same sin. It is a feeling of security knowing they are not alone. How secure will they feel in Hell? Then it is to late to turn away from their sin. Life is short and death can come at any time. Will they turn? Most likely not. Even those that know God stumble and fall, but they know him and believe in HIM. And God will forgive if they do know HIM. So many deny God and will walk the wide road into HELL. And the Devil will have his way.


    That's the problem with the United States of Politically Correct Liberals . You either agree with everything they say or your completely wrong , out of touch and are a idiot . The real problem is they own the media . Forcing their beliefs on our youth and destroying our freedoms . Ever heard of that little thing called ” FREEDOM OF SPEECH ” ?

    • OY

      You ARE wrong though. Having so much hate in your heart toward a group of people will ALWAYS be wrong. I don't understand why the people in this country can't get over prejudice. The bible also says that eating shrimp is a sin, do you hate the people who do that as well? Otherwise you aren't a TRUE believer.

      • DaymonH

        OY, how are you going to question someone's faith when you ask something like “is eating shrimp a sin”? I've personally never seen that, but where in the Bible has God ever minced words? Never! If God said eating shrimp is a sin, then guess what. It is! Also, a “true believer” knows that a sin is a sin is a sin, so nice try, but I call your bluff.

        • Joe

          He means shellfish..he fails to realize the Old Testament applied to the Jews and that Jesus fulfilled the old law..He doesn't realize the New Testament is the law of Christians

          • lalakins

            You don't realize we are no longer under the law, any law, but under grace…that's the new covenant (agreement) that Jesus established- all we have to do is believe, believe what Jesus has already done and live our lives like we have the unconditional love of God & His wisdom

      • Joe

        Old Testament for the Jews
        New Testament for Christians…


      • Danielle

        it's funny… you speak of prejudice and hate, but i'm just wondering where everyone keeps getting that from? phil never said he was prejudice nor that he hated anyone… in fact he made it very clear that he loved all of humanity and had no room for hate in his heart! you know i'm no saint, but i see right and wrong and reason, and the fact is he is the one being hated for his views, and he is the one being scrutinized for not going with the crowd and sticking to what he believes. i have plenty of gay friends and i wouldn't do anything to hurt them. i respect them just as they do me, but we don't share the same views… i believe in what the bible says and no i don't believe in homosexuality, but that doesn't mean i don't care very dearly for my friends… they respect me and know where i stand on the subject just like they do…. but we don't try to change one another. we respect one another and know that not everyone in this world sees things the same. i treat people how i want to be treated and i respect everyone that shows respect, but i don't and won't tolerate ignorance towards ones religion. race, religion, and sexuality always has and always will be sensitive subjects for all of humanity! rights right and wrongs wrong… no matter what you believe this man “phil” was unfairly treated. my “gay” friends and i both do absolutely agree 100% on that!

        • Denise

          Right on, well said. If some of you truly think that same having sex with the same sex is not a sin, then are you telling God, who made the rules by the way, that he is wrong about gays then I feel sorry for you. You will someday have to answer for this, and knowing Gods power, I would not want to be you. Say what you want, believe what you want, but you do have to answer some day, don't forget that.

        • ben

          you hit the nail on the head we are all aloud our opinions and everyone needs to agree on that. if you are gay that is your opinion you are allowed that if you are straight your opinion should be just as important. you shouldn't be called a bigot just because you don't believe in being gay. phil never bashed anyone he just answered a question honestly so he is a bigot because he did not jump on the proud to be gay wagon. and then they tried to call him a racist to boot. that in my opinion is what is wrong in our country today it is the reverse racism that is going on we agree that these different groups of individuals should have the same rights which they should but then condemn anyone who don't agree with their life styles even If we agree that they have the right to them. your not going to force people to be pro gay. they will accept your right to be gay but they can reserve their right to believe it is fundamentally wrong. you cant have your cake and eat it too.

      • TimorReardonTaggert

        Mr Robertson NEVER expressed hate towards anyone.

    • OY

      Media isn't the problem. Get over the fact that there are people who are different than you, and embrace the diversity of our great nation. The conservative right has continually tried to restrict the rights of those people whom they deem different, this thing with the gay community is nothing but more of the same.

      • Wilcot Mason

        I don't see how defending Phil's freedom of speech is restricting the rights of those who are “different”.
        You're just a liberal fanatic who finds every opportunity to attack those whom YOU deem different. What hypocrisy. Leave the conservatives, who by the way aren't the only political party supporting Phil, alone.

    • Clay Joiner

      Hey, Freedom of Speech only applies to the government. You are using a company's site to express inflammatory views, and it has every right to disagree with you and take it down. Also, it doesn't take a “bleeding heart liberal” to understand a simple phrase in the Declaration of Independence.. What was it again? “All men are created equal.” That obviously includes slaves and women, so I'm pretty sure homosexuals also are entitled to the same rights.

      • DaymonH

        Boy, you should really crack a history book. Freedom of speech was included in the Bill of Rights to protect our RELIGIOUS freedoms. To Keep the GOVERNMENT from having power or jurisdiction over those freedoms.

      • Joe

        You are right in the beginning of your assessment..however clearly A&E is censoring Phil Robertson for the content of his message..So it is somewhat of a freedom of speech issue…doesn't mean A&E can't suspend/fire him…Second off…if that is true..then why can't consenting cousins marry (not produce offspring..we always have the option of abortion right?)…and how about consenting polygamists..denying consenting adults the right to marry but granting them to homosexuals is hypocrisy at its finest..

      • rihard

        Is A&E the owner of GQ ?

  • kathi

    I have a gay daughter and nither her nor I have a issue with what phil said phil we love you and are so intitled to your voice. but the palin girl omg shut up

  • Rumplestiltskin

    Biblical is not “ignorant and gross denunciation of homosexuality,” he only spoke the truth.

  • kathi

    now your being ignorant really let people live there lives as they see fit and the rest can mind there own

  • Thisis bullshiat

    This article is the most repulsive thing I have ever read

    • Go Fuck Yourself Loser

      …and yet you read it. Your response is the opitamy of what's wrong with society and every other kind of sub-human entry level blogger trash-heap fucktard with a half wit opinion, who feels they have the “right” to express their uneducated and unsubstantiated responses to every piece of filth on the internet. Grow hair, bark at the moon, and get fucked. In fact… Fuck all of you self righteous cocksucking liberal mother fuckers, and I hope you burn in hell with the faggots!

      • Thisis bullshiat

        The word you are looking for I believe is “epitome” Your whole post just shows how little you know of something but yet willing to make assumptions and stupid remarks. LOL great way to not prove a point HA HA HA and I actually SUPPORT Phil dumbass

  • kathi

    ya all need to let your fear go love life and who you are and stop spending so much time on the way others live, trust me life is way to short merry Christmas and happy holidays to all

  • http://www.1960sailors.net/05d_Jocko.htm Greg4422

    Where's the site for people that want this racist, homophobic show canceled?

    • gtc310

      probably huff post

      • http://www.1960sailors.net/05d_Jocko.htm Greg4422

        thanks…good looking out

        So is this one of those far, right wing, extremist websites?

        • Clay Joiner

          yeah they believe that only Christians can have rights. Everyone else they don't agree with can just shut up.

          • tim.molloy

            Has anyone read the post? Or are all of your trolls? Haha. Enjoy HuffPo.

          • Danielle

            If you actually think that Christians are sending the message that only “Christians can have rights” than your an instigator to the problem… they don't think that!!! This man is a well known Christian who was just speaking on his views and opinion on the subject. Why is it that when someone no matter what their religion, race, or sexuality is shows or speaks what they believe they get scrutinized for it! It's not a secret that most Christians don't agree with homosexuality, just like Atheist's don't believe in God and so on. Does that mean that all Atheist's believe they are the only ones that have rights? That kinda sounds hypocritical don't you think?

  • gtc310

    because someone doesn't believe in someones freedom of speech or religion does not make them stupid-grow up and respect peoples rights

  • Sodapop

    Homosexuality IS gross. Anal sex IS stupid AND dangerous. Homosexuals comprise 64 percent of all new AIDS cases each year.

    Regardless of religion; homosexuality is dangerous, and should not be championed.

    Hasn't anyone noticed that the further this country has moved to the left the worse it has become???

    • http://www.1960sailors.net/05d_Jocko.htm Greg4422

      You just told on yourself…how else would you know anal sex is gross…unless you've tried it? huh?

      • Sodapop

        Oooh.. such a brain. Gee, win a lot of augments in grade school?

        You must think remarks, such as ‘I'm rubber you're glue’ are the height of debate.

        • http://www.1960sailors.net/05d_Jocko.htm Greg4422

          I thought my response was kinda clever…myself

          • Sodapop

            Your response was not an augment. It didn't support anything, or try to prove anything.

            It was a simple childish attack. Which is what we've come to expect from the left.

          • Clay Joiner

            You know what children are? Immature and selfish people who say “mine” “mine” “mine” and “you can't have any!” All men are created equal bro. Quite being so condescending and be a true republican: one who believes in freedoms for everyone. Gay people don't have the same freedoms as you? If you say it's because “it doesn't agree with your religion” then you don't believe in the first Amendment (separation of church and state)

          • Sodapop

            I never stated they shouldn't have freedoms, and I certainly don't believe they should be picked on, but homosexuality should not be condoned because it's dangerous.

            My believes aren't grounded in just religion, but science. Homosexuals account for 64 percent of all new AIDS cases each year. THAT IS A FACT! Look it up on the CDC website.

            We live in an age were people pay higher insurance premiums if they are smokers or overweight, but there aren't any penalties for anal sex???

            I live in a world where, if I disagree with Obama, I'm a racist. I live in a world where, if I believe in the Bible, I'm a member of a hate group. You're telling me not to be upset about that???

          • http://www.1960sailors.net/05d_Jocko.htm Greg4422

            you didn't answer the question though…how do you know anal sex is disgusting? have you ever tired it?

          • Sodapop

            I'm thinking that anything to do with rubbing fecal matter on your privates, and spreading disease, is gross and should be avoided.

            That fact that you like it so much makes you part of the problem.

          • http://www.1960sailors.net/05d_Jocko.htm Greg4422

            I'm not gay…I don't even like gay people…but I acknowledge their rights to equal treatment and I support same sex marriage…I have no opinion on whether anal sex is disgusting…because it's not something that effects my life in any way…if you're disturbed by it…you really should ask yourself why it's bothering you? and If it's a sin against God, as you religious zealots, claim,…then let God deal with that and mind your own business…ijs

          • Sodapop

            Yes, I am religious, but that is not why I'm so against it. I'm against It because it spreads disease, which makes it bad for human race. I've stated this several times, if you bothered to read my posts.

            Unlike you, I don't dislike gay people, I just strongly disagree with them. I have friends that are gay. I also have friends that are adulterers and drunkards, but I don't hate them for it. We are all sinners.

            You just stated you don't like gay people, why not? I don't understand; if what they are doing isn't bad, why don't you like them??? YOU DON'T MAKE SENSE!

          • http://www.1960sailors.net/05d_Jocko.htm Greg4422

            Look, what gay people do isn't my business or yours. There's no need to discuss if what they're doing is good or bad, because whatever they do, as adults, in the privacy of their own homes, is not our concern.

            Now does that mean I want to be “best friends for life” with a gay person…no, but I'm not forcing some antiquated religious BS upon them and calling it freedom of speech. By the way, you do realize the first amendment not only covers freedom of speech and religion, but it covers freedom FROM religion…or should I say it protects us from having someone elses extremist religious views forced upon us, and it worth noting this country wasn't founded upon Christianity, but rather was founded by people ESCAPING religious persecuting.

            These hillbillies on Duck Dynasty can say whatever they want about gay people, they just don't have the right to make A&E the national platform for their extremist views.

            As for you, stop being a hypocrite…talking about you have gay friends…but gays are disgusting, that almost as bad as bigots that say, but I have black friends…just stop it…no you don't

          • Danielle

            @Greg4422… I think it to be very annoying how you can show so much hate in a post like saying “i hate gay people” and that the Robertson's are hillbillies and and there religious views are BS. I don't really have to say much because you are contradicting yourself and making your own self look ignorant. Sodapop was simply explaining the reasons why it's dangerous for homosexuality and i stand with him 100% percent because it is fact, and I don't see anything wrong with it. You on the other hand just showed how extremely uneducated you are on the subject… especially when you said that it doesn't concern you, him, or anyone else because it does… very much so in fact. For example say there are a gay couple that split up and unknowingly they both contracted the AIDS virus, one of them are bisexual and sleeps with a girl whom he contracts it to unknowingly. You just so happen to meet this girl and have a one night stand or even actually start dating and get married, just to find out you have contracted the virus from her! Would it concern you then? Would your views still be the same? Guarantee you would be the first one with a picket sign on the corner opposing the very thing you right now say is none of your concern! It has nothing to do with hate, just logic, truth, and facts! But that is your opinion I can't change your mind nor would I try… just don't think one should be bashed for stating facts and truth!

          • http://www.1960sailors.net/05d_Jocko.htm Greg4422

            Heifer…I never said I hate gay people, and if I did…I'm not actively campaigning against them or their lifestyle…like you religious zealots are. I clearly said I support equal rights as well as same sex marriage…now like I said I don't have to like them or be BFF's with them…but unlike you and these hillbillies I didn't compare homosexuality to bestiality. And just so your retarded ass know HIV is not a gay disease…so you stop with the ignorance

          • Danielle

            “Heifer” haha didn't know we were throwing out name calling… I have one for you myself “Dunce” go look it up i’ sure you will see the word fits you well. As for you saying that you hated gay people… I apologize for not wording it just right so I will do so, you said and i quote “I don't even like gay people”. There mistake corrected! Ok for the remark and calling me a religious zealot… you show no respect for religion and no respect to ones faith. You have shown your rage in your posts and the best you can do is call people names and bash there religious beliefs! Your not a man only a scared little boy hiding behind a computer… truth be known your a 13 year old brat… you have clearly shown your lack of education and respect for others.

          • http://www.1960sailors.net/05d_Jocko.htm Greg4422

            You're right I have no respect for Christians…because you people don't even respect you're own religion and adopted only the part that advances your bigotry and racist political agendas. You continue to quote from the old testament in error, when clearly the new testament made the old obsolete. If you really believed in Jesus you would follow the 2 most important commandments he gave you Christians in Matthew 22:37-39

            1. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.

            2.Love your neighbor as yourself.

            Nowhere, did he say, unless they are gay. So yes the silly stuff you people say does make me angry, but your God will Judge you…not me…and my God will Judge me (I'm a Deist) just so you know.

          • Danielle

            You keep saying you people!!!! That is a question in it's self because for one you don't know me or know my faith. Not every person that disagrees is a christian and not every christian is a bigot or racist your simply putting labels on every christian faith person. When did it become wrong to believe in something more than yourself? Oh and when did I ever quote the bible? You seem to think that somewhere in my post that I continue to quote from the old testament in error, but I have yet to see where I have made this “mysterious” quote. But I can tell you if I did the quote would be Corinthians 6:9 Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men.

            You say “Deist” I say “Dunce”….. Dunce clearly sounds better! :)

          • http://www.1960sailors.net/05d_Jocko.htm Greg4422

            you are a conservative, a racist bigot, that hates your black President, and illegal immigrants…even though it's you who's not a native American and would therefore be the illegal immigrant. You are a Christian…and you searched high and lo to find a passage in the new testament to support your homophobic beliefs…even stooping so low as to alter the translation of the scriptures…you are pathetic…smdh

          • Danielle

            WOW… I'm all of that? You know me so well. Yes I am a conservative, no I am not a racist bigot, yes I do despise not my president, but the president of the United States, and no I don't hate immigrants, just simply get pissed that they have more rights than the average American, yes I am of Christian faith, but I am no bible pusher that forces my religion on anyone, no I am not homophobic seeing as I have gay friends and family, no I did not alter the translation of the scriptures, I was only quoting from the bible as did you! People like you is what's wrong with this world… if someone disagrees with you, you want to start calling them names like racist and bigot… I think you are seriously delusional because no where… and I mean nowhere did I show any sign of racism or bigotry in any of my posts… you might need some glasses to see things a little better and then when you can finally see please do the world a favor and read a book maybe even get a lifetime pass to the nearest library because you are SERIOUSLY lacking in education. If that doesn't help you out I would go ahead and commit myself if I were you! You seem to be the pathetic one because the best conversation that you have brought so far has been calling people names which is more than pathetic… it's desperate! smdh

          • http://www.1960sailors.net/05d_Jocko.htm Greg4422

            qoute from you

            1. “come to my town silver back… i'll show you a real life “cracka”

            silver back? white people way of calling a black person a monkey or gorilla….but you're not racist?

            2. “A real American cannot even get a damn job because most of them have been replaced by immigrants…. go back to wherever it is you came from!!!

            a real American? what does that mean a white person? remember white people stole this land and are the illegal immigrants…go back to England.

            3. “He is no Christian… you cannot be a Muslim and Christian.”

            continue to disrespect and call the President of The United States Of America a Muslim even though he's repeatedly claimed the christian faith…I guess to be christian you must be white huh?

            FYI christians and muslims are brothers…both are descendants of Abraham ..christains from Issace, and muslims from Ishmeal

            4. REAL Americans speak English… I'm not learning Spanish to accommodate NO immigrant nor any language for that matter.

            Silly rabbit…English, while spoken by the white majority IS NOT THE OFFICIAL LANGUAGE in America…try looking it up…and stop thinking so highly of yourself….we are a nation of immigrants, not just white people from england…smdh

            5. I'm not changing my religion to suite your Muslim president and his bitch wife.

            Name calling? smdh, who's the dunce now? lol

            6. I think you get the picture…I can post these ignorant quotes from you all day. But there's no need I think we both see where this is going.

            tisk tisk tisk

          • Danielle

            Oh and just so you know I am a native American…. [Dunce]

          • http://www.1960sailors.net/05d_Jocko.htm Greg4422

            Really? you said you were a “real cracka” so I thought for sure you were a European decent…which means you're ancestors MIGRATED to this country…so you're an immigrant…not a native American…smdh

          • Danielle

            O.k. maybe you need to learn a little more about immigration… see “library” study study study… An immigrant is person who leaves one country to settle permanently in another. I personally was born in the United States of America which would make me an American. So how do you add up that I'm an immigrant? You still make no sense. Your not even making an argument just simply wasting my time trying to explain that you don't have to be nasty because you disagree with me. Anyways you can argue with yourself now, done trying to reason with someone that has no respect for anyone with an opinion that disagrees with theirs!

          • http://www.1960sailors.net/05d_Jocko.htm Greg4422

            I explained my position quite clearly…you're in denial…smdh

          • Sodapop

            First, I do have Gay friends, so does my wife. In the 90's we worked in the Casinos, in an industry where many gays work. You don't have a clue as to what you're talking about. I'm guessing you're very young as your are childlike in your simplicity. You are also a racist.

            The only hypocrite here is YOU, who openly states that he doesn't like gays. THAT MAKES YOU A RACIST!!!

            I've got a news flash for you: If you dislike someone, because of what they are, YOU ARE A RACIST.

            If you stated that you don't like black people because they are black, that would make you a racist. You have stated you don't like gays, and won't have them as friends, that makes you a racist!


            Just because I don't support the practice of homosexuality, doesn't mean I hate gay people. I believe it is wrong because it spreads disease. THE SPREADING OF DISEASE IS EVERYONE'S BUSINESS, and that is why I stand against it. Unlike you, I don't dislike gays, I just think they're wrong, and what they are doing is hurtful to us all.

            We live in a country where fat people suffer higher insurance premiums because they are fat, but gay people, who are much more likely to contract AIDS, receive no penalties at all. That's not right.

            I can tell from your posts that you are either very young, or very simple minded. You need to grow up, and stop simply accepting whatever the media pushes on you.

            If you are going to debate, it would be good if you had some original thoughts, and didn't simply regurgitate popular PC philosophy..

          • Sodapop

            You are a racist. As a racist; you really shouldn't commenting at all.

            If you state that you don't like black people, because they are black, then you are a racist. YOU HAVE STATED THAT YOU DON'T LIKE GAY PEOPLE, BECAUSE THEY ARE GAY, AND THAT MAKES YOU A RACIST!

            GREG4422 IS A RACIST!

            I don't dislike gay people. I just believe that the practice of homosexuality is dangerous, because it spreads disease.

            You keep attacking my religious beliefs, but I haven't argued from a religious standpoint, I have argued from a medical standpoint, so your arguments make no sense.

            Unlike you, I do have gay friends. Let me enlighten you: It is possible to like someone without having to agree with their lifestyle.

            Once again, the media has you brain washed. Believing homosexuality is wrong, based on health concerns, does not make me a hater. Where as YOU are an admitted hater, for no reason at all…

          • http://www.1960sailors.net/05d_Jocko.htm Greg4422

            Dude you aren't very smart…I feel so sorry for your wife. Yes, I've said I don't like gay people…that doesn't make me racist…it would make me prejudice. We all have prejudices/preferences, if we're going to be completely honest here, but it's a completely different word from racist, which traditionally meant someone in a position of power using race to discriminate in a meaningful way against person of a different race…although I realize in 2013 you dummies think it's the same thing.

            Once again while I don't personally associate with gays…I also don't “pretend” to have gay friends…I don't enforce my religious beliefs upon others, I support equal rights and gay marriage…and I could care less what 2 gay people do in the privacy of their own home. In contrast you're sitting here lying to yourself about having gay friends, but secretly you despise them and think they are disgusting and should burn in hell fire…according to your antiquated religious beliefs? GTFOH

            Medical standpoint argument;

            HIV/AIDS IS NOT A GAY DISEASE…any credible medical professional will tell you that…so you're “medical standpoint” is complete ignorance and without merit.

            Now please move along, because you are mentally outmatched.

          • Sodapop

            You are an idiot of the first order. You keep ignoring everything I post, and making up what you believe to be true about me.

            I've stated SEVERAL times that I have gay friends. You don't have any proof otherwise, but you persist in your accusation that I don't. WHY WOULD I LIE ABOUT THAT???

            YOU, on the other hand, have stated that you don't like gays, and I believe you. People don't associate with people they don't like, and they won't hire them for work purposes.

            Prejudice/Racist, you nitpick with your choice of words, but it amounts to the same thing: You don't like an entire group of people. Could you please explain WHY you don't like them?

            I also keep stating that my feeling towards homosexuality has nothing to do with my religion, and everything to do with the fact that I feel it is a VERY unsafe practice. However, you keep attacking my religion, even though I keep stating that my opinion is based on health reasons.

            Apparently you hate both homosexuals and Christians.

            As far as what kind of a disease it is; you need to do your homework. Yes, anyone can get AIDS. However, homosexuals count for 64 percent of all new AIDS cases each year. Drug users only account for 18 percent. The fastest rising statistic is heterosexual women, who are being infected by bisexual men. These are facts, so be careful before you deny them, as you have denied everything else.

            Let's move onto Hepatitis shall we? Homosexual men are 10 times more likely to contract Hepatitis than heterosexual men. Basically; butt sex is just not good for you, so YOU need to stop doing it.

            You are an immature kid, who doesn't know a thing about life. You need to grow up, pay attention, and learn your lessons. You need to form your opinions based on facts, and not what celebrities tell you.

            At this point a I should also state that you should stop practicing butt sex because, if I was like you, I wouldn't take you at your word that you are not a homosexual, and I would continue to believe whatever I wanted about you. That IS what you've done through out this entire debate. You've ignored much of what I've stated, and continued with illogical arguments. Maybe you really are a homosexual, who is pretending to be straight, in order to argue with me? No,that's not it, I think you really are just a confused racist.

            You not worth another moment of my time.

          • http://www.1960sailors.net/05d_Jocko.htm Greg4422

            1. Being gay isn't a race…so you can't be racist against a gay person…that's just stupid. I'm not going to explain it further.

            2. You keep saying you have gay “friends” but you despise the gay lifestyle as “DISGUSTING”…with friends like you who needs enemies.

            3. HIV/AIDS isn't a gay disease…but rather is a disease spread “primarily” by risky BEHAVIOR…for example, unprotected sex…unprotected anal sex, intravenous drug use…. women having sex with bi-sexual males. It disproportionately effects the gay community due to the anal membrane being subject to small tears which makes it much easier for them to become infected… and goes back to risky behavior and un-protected sex

            4. stop spewing ignorance

            5. /sighs

            6. FYI…I'm secure in my sexuality

          • Sodapop

            I don't think you are. Maybe I was wrong about you. Maybe you're in the closet. That's why you defend it, and that's why your angry about it.

            So, do you like to catch or pitch?

            psst secure people don't need to state they're secure. LOL

          • http://www.1960sailors.net/05d_Jocko.htm Greg4422

            I defend it because I believe that everyone is entitled to be treated equally…regardless of how I feel personally, or regardless of my religious beliefs…and idgaf if you want to say I'm gay or in the closet, because you're just being childish and trying to get under my skin…because you're mad I called you out on your BS…but it's okay…Merry Christmas

          • Chainsaw

            There are many things I don't have to try to know it is disgusting. I have never eaten any feces, but I'm pretty sure it is nasty and unhealthy. Questions?

      • CarlosDanger2016

        I know that jumping into a swimming pool filled with urine is gross but I have never done it.

        • http://www.1960sailors.net/05d_Jocko.htm Greg4422

          Urine actually has beneficial properties, The use of urine for medicinal purposes can be traced to societies in ancient Egypt, China, Hindu and Aztec histories. Advocates also cite a prominent verse in the Bible: “Drink water from thine own cistern and the streams of thine own well.”

          Urine therapy is also known as amaroli and it is an integral part of the Ayurvedic tradition of Yoga. Yogis who follow Ayurveda are advised to drink the urine they excrete between 4 and 6 in the morning because the hormones released are propitious in inducing the meditative state of mind.

          So if I use your analogy…you might want to discover the beneficial effects of anal sex…ijs

  • Clay Joiner

    Hey Tim, when you say Twitter is trying to tell us what is “right and wrong” you're implying that the concept of equal rights in America is inherently wrong. Twitter is doing their part in supporting egalitarianism in the United States. Phil is some hick that disagrees with the Civil Rights movement and puts being gay on the same playing field as bestiality. Also, twitter is a company, not the government, so they can censor whatever they want (that's probably somewhere in your service agreement).

    • Yo mama

      Hey clay…can your dick reach your asshole? GO fuck youself you liberal cocksucker would be discriminatory censoring asshat of a sheep fucking faggot!

  • realman66

    Phil spoke the truth . The bible says a man sould have a woman, not another man. A woman should have a man, not another woman. God bless Mr. Robertson

  • DaymonH

    Stupid beliefs? The author is saying it's stupid to believe that the Bible says homosexuality is a sin (which it clearly does). Or, the author is saying it's stupid to believe the Bible, or in God period. The author didn't come out and say this though. Phil, unlike the author has what's known as a spine. That's right, a spine. That thing that helps you stand up straight, and tell it like it is. If you're offended by the truth, take it up with God.

    • Wilcot Mason

      Bloody well spoken. Good on you for telling it like it is.

  • DonnaRoweHooten

    I never thought I’d say this: Twitter has done something much more
    offensive than Phil Robertson did with his ignorant and gross
    denunciation of homosexuality.

    Phil Robertson's denunciation of homosexuality is not ignorant or gross. He speaks what is in the Bible. I take from this comment you are not a Christian and don't believe the Bible is anything more than a myth. You certainly have that right, but I would not be a child of God without telling you, I know there is a God. I also know he loves me and he loves you. God is a loving God, but he did set down rules by which man should live his life. Many people don't like rules because they get in the way of their lifestyles and so they call people like myself Bible thumpers, fanatics, ignorant, etc. You see it is easier to live a sinful life than a life of service to God. Man has been deceived since the beginning of creation. He was tempted and gave into that temptation and has done so throughout history. The Bible is God's book of instruction on how man should live his life, but very few people read it much less study it and know the beauty of the book and the history behind it. It's hard to fight temptation to do things that God considers sinful, but if you know God's word you do a lot better job. Now all that being said it is very clear in the Bible what God has said about homosexuality. He declares it to be an abomination. It became so rampant in the city of Sodom and gomorrah that he destroyed the city. As our nation has grown more independent from God's word our society has become a huge morality cesspool. Mylie Cirus and her twerking and fondling of herself and the stage at the awards show was the most disgraceful behavior I have ever seen on television. This all done in front of a nation of young people looking on who now think to be cool they have to imitate her. Mylie's popularity has grown tremendously since then. Is this what a parent would want as a role model for their daughter? I think not. This goes against the teaching of the Bible, but oh, wait, that is the boring book that is too hard to read so I will just ignore it and it will go away. I am heartbroken to think so many people have turned their back on God and his teachings and replaced it with a “if it feels good do it mentality. As much as God loves us all he is like a parent with house rules, and if you break the rules you will have to answe3r for them just like you would to you earthly father. So call Phil Robertson ignorant or whatever you want because like Phil I understand that we will all be judged one day and based on whether we have lived by his word and accepted the fact that Jesus Christ is the son of God who came and died for out sins. It only through I belief in Jesus Christ that will determine where you spend eternity. Now you may still say this is nothing more than hogwash, etc, etc., but what if I am right (which I know I am) and you are wrong. That this God thing is for real. What then? Do you know where you will spend eternity? Do you? Really? Can you say that you are 100 percent sure? Think about and them ask yourself I am willing to risk it? If your answer is yes, then heaven have mercy on your sole, and God bless the Phil Roberson's of the world for try to keep people from spending eternity in hell.

    • Clay Joiner

      You know the pope, leader of 1.2 billion catholics has stated that heaven and hell are not places but ideals. Also, you believing in something just because you are afraid of an unconfirmed concept is probably the most cowardly and selfish thing you could possibly do. You don't care about anyone else but yourself. you know what's cool about progress? In 100 years homosexuality will be legal and we'll all be smoking weed, laughing at people like you saying “we said this shit,” just like we say about slavery and women's rights.

      • DonnaRoweHooten

        May God have mercy on your soul because there will come a day when you will bow on knees and confess with you tongue that Jesus Christ is Lord and will plead for your life, but it will be too late. I am not a coward either. I don't not live in fear and have probably done more to help make this world a better place then you will ever know. I have lots of gay friends and I love them, but I don't approve of their lifestyle because it is unnatural. God told Adam and Eve to go replenish the earth. He made Adam and Ever (man and woman) for that purpose.) He didn't create a man for Adam but a woman. Even in the animal kingdom the mate with the opposite sex. I will pray that one day your eyes will be open with the truth and learn to love everyone the way God loves you instead of being blinded by the sinful joys of the world.

      • DonnaRoweHooten

        I'm not catholic and the Pope is just a man the same as you and I. I don;t worship man, I worship the one and only living God who has given us his word to live by.

    • Clay Joiner

      Oh and if you go vote you are a hypocrite.

  • hedpnder .

    For some people homosexuality is a sin, its what they BELIEVE, for some people homosexuality is perfectly fine, its what they BELIEVE. Some people even BELIEVE there is a GOD, while some people believe there isn't a GOD. WHATEVER our beliefs are, no one has the right to insist or demand we compromise those beliefs especially if its a belief we are willing to die for because if you are not willing to die for your beliefs then they are basically of no value. Do not ask me to change my belief homosexuality is a sin or my belief that there is no GOD. Do not ask me to change my belief homosexuality is wonderful and that there is a GOD. You ask me a question and I truthfully answer it, don't become upset if my truth isn't inline with your truth, its just doesn't fucking work that way!!!

  • hedpnder .

    and yes…we will be held accountable for our actions and beliefs.

  • Frederick Millea

    The author's idiology is both spiritually ignorant and morally gross – very, very, very GROSS!

  • Joe


    Furthermore every single article on the internet labels the article as anti-gay Speech by Phil Robertson..or killing Robertson stupid…have to love the slant on all of this

  • Guest

    The phrase “separation of church and state” itself does not appear in the United States Constitution. The First Amendment states that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

    • Joe

      Those who throw that phrase around also fail to realize that when the phrase was coined by Jefferson what was meant by no establishment was that the Federal govt couldn't fine or put someone in jail for not going to church or that the feds couldn't require individuals to support local churches…it had and still has no force over anyone from believing in something and then for example voting a certain way bc they learned the belief in religion.

      I don't see anyone crying sep of church and state when a politician votes against allowing murder if that politician learned murder was wrong when their religion taught them so

  • Sodapop

    signing off. feel free to attack now that I'm not here to defend

    • Joe

      Same here..the fact is the libs twist words, fail to understand the difference between the old and new testaments, fail to realize the real historical nature of sep church and state, fail to realize that someone who merely disagrees with you doesn't equate to hate..if so then we all hate each other, and those who disagree with polygamists or cousins marrying hate them…Oh yeah how about people calling others rednecks..isn't that racist?

  • meh

    Im shocked that people are shocked…show me a southern swamp-crawlin', redneck republican, backwoods bible-thumper that ISNT a bigot, and THAT would be news.

    • Joe

      Do you support polygamists or cousins marrying? If not are you a bigot?

      Isn't calling someone a redneck racists? You bigot!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jess-McClure/1667752176 Jess McClure

    Well here i go . i am a white male who grew up in the Baptist Church and where the pastor had me hiding under bed after we came back from church (fire and brimstone) – my point is the Lord wants us to not Judge others and concentrate on your own path and also the Lord loves all his people's and only wants us to take care of each other with respect – if the Lord wants whatever in heaven then its his decision not mine and i like it that way – Phil is not the problem the problem is each side does not have a dialogue and if we talked without so much emotion we could move forward with less hate on both sides – i have had one friend lost to AIDs a couple of decades ago and i would give anything to have him back today – life's to short – Peace always

  • AFL1962

    Because Phil is anti homosexual you claim he's ignorant and gross because he denounced it. Well God didn't send angels to Sodom & Gomorrah for a house warming party.

  • LittleNiggerBoy


  • Dougau

    Ew! ignorant and gross

  • The Bacon Abides

    What is even sadder still, is the fact that in a nation full of reporters and would be reporters, no one even bother checking out Drew Magary (the GQ reporter that broke the Phil Robertson story) It seems that Mr. Magary has made quite a few Gay slurs himself. In an article for Dead Spin entitled “The Epitome of a douche ” Bros Icing Bros” Mr. Magary uses his own special king of Gay bashing. Like: “You have to drop to one knee, and then chug the Ice in front of everyone. This is meant to embarrass you because Smirnoff Ice is, like GAY. And drinking it makes you gay in public.” And this little Gay slur in which Mr. Magary was so proud of this slur he used all caps. “DUDE, I'M ICING YOU! THIS IS SO GAY!” “DUDE, I KNOW! I'M ACTUALLY SUBMITTING TO THE ICING, WHICH MAKES ME GAY TOO!” It only took me five minutes of looking to find out how much Mr. Magary really respects the Gay community. And this was only one article there are several more at Dead Spin

  • TimorReardonTaggert

    The postings on here show how decadent we have become. Don't ever wonder why Miley or Justin Biebs or Lady gaga have become so famous. You people are obscene. In fact, I bet kate is a guy who is queer and is trying to incite peole

  • LiveRighteous

    “At least Robertson owns up to his stupid beliefs” Since when are religious views considered stupid? If you ask me, the people who stamped THAT on here should have their jobs taken away to show them what it would feel like. Everyone has opinions and if you hate the guy for what he believes in.. then you're just as bad as you're making him out to be. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for people being with who they love and such but don't punish the people who don't have the same views as you do.

  • Paul

    I am not sure if Phil's comment is an opinion by stating LGBTs as “terrorists” nor is it just a point of view. I think Twitter may take this as Hate Speech if they so wish. Also, as far as the Freedom of Speech issue, if you work for a network such as A&E, FOX, CBS, MSNBC etc., you really are under contract and if their policy of speech is broken – then that network has the right to fire or suspend an employee – which Phil is – just an employee of A&E. That is a business decision for Twitter and A&E to make.

  • BJ

    I wonder if these gays that are bashing Phil realize they wouldn't be alive but for people that feel like him!

  • Mike Hunt

    Good Job Brown953 let them all live in their own nasty world.

  • CplBain

    Weird, whenever there is a “glitch” it seems to always happen to a certain group, or a certain side…

  • peace and love

    We choose who we want to be. in life. by what we say and do have never really read the Bible much… but i hope everyone is opening it up…now…Phil no matter what you have said in life ..its what you feel.. and i can never judge you…….as for ur show good luck with it….. there's always something positive and good that comes form it words..

  • Thessalonianguy

    Mr. Molloy's ignorance, arrogance and conceit would be funny if it weren't so tragic.
    Apparently he has not bothered to read much of what he thinks is ‘stupid’ (i.e. the Bible), or worse he has read it and simply chooses to ignore it. Well, being foolish is his God-given right, but making derogatory comments about God's Word is by far more offensive than the crude things Phil said (which I do agree were pretty rough).
    The whole point that Phil made (and which most everyone missed) is that sexual immorality is not just about homosexuality. It is about the sick and twisted variants of lust and appetite that continue to come out of an unregenerate and unrepentant heart. That is what the sum total of Phil's answer to the question that was asked of him. Remember the whole ‘slippery slope’ discussion when the folks on the Supreme Court were hearing arguments? Now there are courts who say (and rightfully so) that if homosexuality is OK to recognize as legitimate, then so is polygamy. And if polygamy, then incest, etc., etc., etc. It will never end.
    THAT kind of thinking is stupid, twisted and contradictory to nature. If you have to have it explained further, post your questions and let's talk about the real issues, not how you think the Word of God is stupid.

  • Bob_Oscar

    I'm glad Mr. Malloy admitted right away this piece is *opinion* which everyone knows is like ***holes, everyone has one.

    He can have any opinion of Christianity he wants, he is free to be a believer or not..

    Mr Malloy..just for your info…Jesus Loves you anyway…. Merry Christmas..

  • Star

    Tim Molloy must be one of the most ignorant authors on the net. Clearly he is always gay. Perverts like Tim need to disappear.

  • ben

    when did we lose the right to speech we the god loving people of USA need to be in charge of this country not the wack job that there now

  • ryan

    The article starts off by saying Christian beliefs are stupid? Wow! Tim Molloy is a bigot and really pushing that gay agenda because Hollywood told him it was ok. Think for yourself Tim its not that hard.

  • Keene 821

    Who really cares what Jesse Jackson thinks??????????????????

  • Adam

    What is being lost in the controversy is what is happening to the institution of marriage, in the name of “equal rights” for gays. In the entirety of human history, never once has marriage meant anything other than the union of a man and a woman. In all societies, it most likely would have been a matter of hilarious laughter to suggest that it meant that a man could marry another man. The logical questions after the laughter subsided would have been, “What's next, a man marrying three wives?” Well yes, there are already lawsuits filed to such an end. But the suits won't stop there…there will be suits to allow a person to marry a sibling, an animal, or even inanimate objects. What's to stop them, after the language has been bastardized?

  • Paul Cox

    Why doesn't the homosexual community rally behind homosexual
    priests in the Catholic Church?

  • west129

    We all seem to know how to “make love” even so, nobody can “make” something that is an abstract. Now we are being schooled by the homosexuals that we “make hate”.

    All I know is, I love pizza but I hate speeding tickets. To call me a hater doesn't make me love speeding tickets. I will continue to hate speeding tickets passionately while I continue to love pizza.

  • chris123

    Your article is so wrongfully written, first off it condemns a mans beliefs while all the while making it look as if Tim Molly (the article's writer) is not narrow minded, Mr. Molly your a idiot, your one sided article is being narrow minded. Your condemning the Christians that read this and any true Christian will write your web site off.


    Why the hell is anyone even paying attention to what this idiot has to say? He's some old hillbilly that make duck calls. The hell with him and his bigoted ideas.