‘Duck Dynasty’ Crew: Forget Gun Control, We Need Sin Control

'Duck Dynasty' Crew: Forget Gun Control, We Need Sin Control

Si and Phil Robertson say we should leave the Second Amendment alone and concentrate on clamping down on our dirty urges

Never mind the debate over Americans’ Second Amendment rights — as far as the “Duck Dynasty” gang is concerned, what the nation really needs to do is get a grip on its base urges.

Si and Phil Robertson, the elder cast members of the hit A&E series, make the case for sin control in a new interview with Men's Journal.

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“It ain't gun control we need; it's sin control,” Si Robertson told writer Erik Hedegaard in the profile.

“Self-control,” added family patriarch Phil. “Self-control and sin control.”

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As far as the Robertson clan's efforts to stem their own immoral urges (the deeply religious family showcases its faith on the program), the “Duck Dynasty” stars admit to varying degrees of success. While cast member Jase Robertson told Men's Journal that he's shunned “immoral sex” throughout his life, has “never done drugs” and “never been drunk,” Si — whose history includes a stint serving in the Vietnam war — admitted to a more checkered past.

“I kept a fifth of whiskey in my pocket everywhere I went,” Si recalled. “I tried dope one time, OK, like marijuana, but why would you smoke something that makes you feel 100 years old? So, drugs wasn't it for me. In my mind, it was alcohol and whoring around.”

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Phil — who founded the Duck Commander duck-call empire that the series centers around — admitted that temptation still crosses his path, in the form of the “many, many, many” “Duck Dynasty” groupies (yes, apparently there are such creatures) he encounters on his travels.

“They walk up with a pair of little bitty, bitty bikini underwear and say, ‘Will you sign these?’ Well, my first question is, ‘Are they clean?'” Robertson offered.

  • rbonaime

    A&E, not AMC

    • Dale Latimer

      Proves he probably considers them, and their show, irrelephant…

      • rbonaime

        Some people find spell check “irrelephant”…

  • Jerry Mandering

    …said some of the dumbest people I've ever seen.

    • Steve Frank

      so are the jews.

      • hypatiab7

        Lots of bigots like you showing up today to support another bigot.

        • Steve Frank

          What can we call the jews that are bigots?

          • ron

            We could call them steve frank.

          • Steve Frank

            I hear he has a big dick.

        • rkc

          why don't you just shut up.. you don't have anything worthwhile to say anyway!

        • John

          The man simply answered the questions they already knew the answers too. Why????? Bets the hell out of me. To see how many people on Prosac and anti-depressants show up and bitch about some ones opinion that doesn't follow their belief. THE MAN HAS A RIGHT TO HIS OPINION, JUST LIKE YOU. I wonder how much $$$$$ Mens Journal Magazine made off this. AND AGAIN!!!!! Only BIGOTS call people bigots.

    • Donald Ott

      Dumb? All but Si have college educations. Dumb? They are in every aisle in Walmart, Dick's Sporting Goods, Gander mountain, etc. Dumb? Miss Kay has a net worth of $15 million herself. The others make over $200,000 per episode, and have sold over 5 million duck calls alone, not to mention the merchandising of DC/BC and DD. For you to form that opinion, you surely must have watched them, at least an episode or two…. so, who is the dumb one, Sir?

  • darrell

    It takes a bit of intelligence to savor southern wit. Jerry Mandering appears to be lacking…

  • zorn

    Most people are afraid to speak the truth about sin because it is not popular but we all sin and need the Savior Jesus Christ.

    • David


  • Dean Gostling

    These are the same idiots that were sucking up to Sarah Palin a week or two ago. What they can't seem to grasp is we are laughing at them and not with them. They just put a giant spotlight on how the typical stupid redneck thinks, thanks Phil I value your opinion about as much as Honey Boo Boo's

    • karlie

      You want to talk about stupid, turn the TV on jersey shore, million dollar matchmaker, bridezillas, etc.. those people make the so called stupid rednecks look great. you need to check yourself, its called freedom of speech if everyone else can express opinions than why cant Phil, and the rest of the so called “stupid rednecks”. oh and look up the definition of redneck before you throw it out there with the word stupid, because all it is, is a slang word for the hard working country people.

      • Dean Gostling

        Karlie I live in the country and I'm surrounded by them, therefore I can call them rednecks. While many are hard working good hearted people sometimes they don't think before engaging their mouth.

        • Mike Seals

          I am just shocked that you believe in what Honey Boo Boo says .. or was it you don't believe the bible? .Or maybe just not the verse he quoted??? Guess I am jut one of those dumb rednecks that was overly popular in the 6th grade. (I was the only one that could drive a car)

        • daisykmt

          I have a Master's degree, & when speaking with friends who hold the same degree, sometimes they don't think before engaging their mouths. Sometimes I don't, either. It's part of being human.

    • Rich

      Idiots you say, just like the left, if you don't agree with there point of view your an idiot or a pigot. Mr. Gostilin I value Honey Boo Boo's ,pre. bless

    • Rich

      Love how everyone on the right has a right to there opinion Those who differ are called idiots. The only thing I can say about your post is that I thank God you have a right to express it. It's in the called the 1

    • rkc

      Dean Gostling

      who cares what you think?

      • Dean Gostling

        at least I have the balls to put my name out there with my post, unlike your spineless reply under a guest account

    • John

      And you sir, just put a spotlight on a typical educated “moron” that doesn't have a clue. BTW, that would be you sir. Are they “Rednecks”??? Hell yes!!! It their right. Are they stupid?? I don't think so. That's my opinion. But I do know they're smarter than you sir. Oh, one more thing. You look really “wussy” with that purple dinosaur thing. AGAIN…………my opinion. I'm entitled.

      • Dean Gostling

        John I see I struck a nerve with you, Clearly your from the shallow end of the gene pool.

        • John

          Again sir, clearly you don't have a clue. and again sir, ma'am, or whatever you are. That purple dinosaur is screaming “homo”! God bless you, it's your right. You just don't get it. I bet you voted for Obama.

    • daisykmt

      The Robertsons are just living their lives. They didn't seek out A&E; instead, A&E approached them about a show. When Phil is being interviewed & is asked his opinion on something, wasn't he expected to give it? As for being ignorant, Phil has a Master's Degree in English. Don't remember how many of his kids hold degrees, but do know that Willie has a degree in business. They're simply conservatives with an opinion. That's where they messed up. Liberals are allowed to disagree with something—conservatives are not. But you know, that just doesn't seem right . . .

  • krazyolman

    read the Bible Romans chapter 1, especially vs 24-32. That's what God thinks of the Gay community. Read and weep, Si and Phil are right, the gay people won't see the kingdom God.

    • spotty_rockstar

      You are right. Phil and Si have a right to their own opion. They are not the only people that thinks the way these men do. To be punished for this is not right. I look up to these two because they have the guts to say what they think. Not too many do anymore. I will keep watching their show and stick up for them. I happen to feel the same way. Everyone has the right to speak what they think. The Bible has its own words for this subject and I will go by that. I am behind you Phil and Si..

    • daisykmt

      You are right. If folks believe the Bible, they know this is fact & your scripture reference addresses it exactly. For folks who don't believe the Bible anyway, they've got another whole issue to deal with.

    • bigwood

      they won't see it because it is bullshit to begin with. I don't understand why the gay community gets so mad about a made up religion not liking them especially when you talk to any religious person you can tell how backward and stupid they are anyway. Who cares what that wife beating redneck scum thinks. Kind of ironic to get preached to by a guy who cheated on and beat his wife regularly and abandon his whole family and put them on the street when they were young. Oh I forgot he found Jesus so all that is erased praise god with a little g

  • Cathie

    I'll boycott A&E for boycotting Phil. There's plenty of other channels.

    • hypatiab7

      I'll boycott A&E if they bring the bigots back.

      • rkc


        hypatiab7.. it's people like you that have taken away Christians rights!!!

        • Man Of God

          To hypatiab7, Do you hear how you sound. You sound angry and hateful is that what you are saying we as Christians are doing. What makes you Right?

          • daisykmt

            Man of God, rkc should have used lower case & it would have seemed less volatile—but still I think his premise right. It's true that those of us who believe homosexual acts are wrong in God's sight cannot state our belief, yet the LGBT community can freely state theirs.

          • bigwood

            who tells you that you can't state your beliefs? You can say whatever you want that is freedom of speech. The constitution does not guarantee anybody the right to say what they want and be free from the backlash their business partners or customers may do because you say ignorant shit. The free speech thing goes both ways. Phil says gays are going to hell and A and E says no you first “your fired” free speech

        • bigwood

          Which Chritian's rights have been taken away?? This is free market at it's best. Man says stupid shit and gets fired. Nobody persecuting Christian's just controlling the content of their network. Free market baby

          • mother of 5

            The difference is when a CHRISTIAN says something you consider offensive you stage a boycott. Try everything you can to get them fired, or rain death threats down upon them and everyone they love. If the left says something offensive to CHRISTIANS and CHRISTIANS decide to speak up they are bigots and you again try everything you can to get them fired etc.., It is a total double standard. If CHRISTIANS didn't follow the turn the other cheek standard, stood up for their beliefs as strongly as the LEFT (pick any) this would not keep happening.

          • bigwood

            I love how you just make shit up. The only death threats in this situation were by Duck Dynasty fans toward A and E nobody threatened any Christians or Robertsons. Boycotting shit you don't like and protesting people selling you a product you feel has ignorant people making stupid rants is as American as apple pie and our constitution that gives Phil the right to say whatever he believes. I actually like Duck Dynasty and do think A and E are a little disingenuous in acting surprised at this as it is pretty obvious watching the show Phil is a backwoods redneck with idiotic christian beliefs but people saying they don't like what he has said is as protected by our constitution as his right to say stupid shit to begin with.
            Do the Christians also stand by his comments that black people were better off during the Jim Crowe laws and the civil rights movement and they were happy picking other peoples cotton

      • John

        Only bigots are still calling people bigots. Same applies to those screaming racism. Let it go people. Live and let live. Everyone IS entitled to their opinion.

      • daisykmt

        So you don't think Phil should answer the question when an interviewer asks him his views? Should he have lied? Seems like he was just being honest. We all have opinions. Should we deny them when questioned about them in a public forum? Phil was very respectful in his answer.

    • BOYCOTT A&E!!!!!

      I'm with you, lets boycott A&E on Dec 21.

      • bigwood

        I'm going to boycott Jesus. that will show him

  • Rich

    To bad no one has a right to there own option, if it is not want the left thinks is right, then they just call you a pigot . Funny how the left and our beloved media can label those who believe our in our beloved Lord as pigot and take away there rights. and yet those who would try to destroy our nation say nothing about there actions. Most shows on the television is nothing but filth. Everyone has a right to say and believe what there wish. But being a Christian gives you no right to your own option. Yes gays should by all means have there rights to there options, but so should Christians. I am behind you Phil, and so are many others in this nation. Bless you, Buy
    buy A&C

    • Dean Gostling

      Oh your entitled to your own opinion Rich but for some reason Christians seem to think that theirs trumps everyone else's.

      • shadow

        Get real, if you think a man's anus is so enjoyable, why do you think god only gave woman the vigina to produce a family moron. A man and a woman produce a baby naturally. And Phil under the constitution of the United States you can voice your own opinion and the left would like to take that right away from everyone that disagrees with them. The liberal media and left promote nothing but trash.

        • tired

          Pretty certain that anus sex with a female ….is how we reproduce so many lawyers…

        • bigwood

          Phil and all other Americans have the right to say what they want but if your boss thinks the shit you say is stupid and looks bad on his product your ass might get fired! By the way why are all the christians and rednecks mad?? ALL OF THIS IS GOD'S WILL

      • daisykmt

        No, just tired of being censored as hate speech (stating our beliefs) while the LGBT community is free to state theirs with no repercussions. Seems like a double standard. If one group can state theirs, so can the other group. Can't say what another person's motive is, but can surely state an opinion.

        • bigwood

          I agree with you they should stop calling this hate speech and bigotry I honestly think it is more just stupidity and ignorance that makes Christians say the stupid shit they say not bigotry or hate

          • daisykmt

            Lots of people—maybe most—use vulgar, sarcastic language. I try to keep my posts clean and respectful. I'm ready to apologize if I say something in an unkind way. I don't intend to come off that way. I just really believe that both gays and straights should be able to state how they feel. If one group can speak freely, the other should be able to. As for Phil, the interviewer came right out & asked him how he felt about it. He answered the question. Since GQ no doubt knew what his answer would be, they were apparently setting him up. He got in trouble for answering what the man asked. I tho't two of his “anatomical word choices” were coarse, & even his family has stated such. But I've know him for many years, & he's always been that way. He's an educated man with a Master's degree, but he pretty much says what he honestly thinks.

  • Rich

    To bad no one has a right to there own option, if it is not want the left thinks is right, then they just call you a pigot . Funny how the left and our beloved media can label those who believe in our beloved Lord as pigots and take away there rights. and yet those who would try to destroy our nation say nothing about there actions. Most shows on the television is nothing but filth. Everyone has a right to say and believe what there wish. But being a Christian gives you no right to your own option. Yes gays should by all means have there rights to there options, but so should Christians. I am behind you Phil, and so are many others in this nation. Bless you, Buy
    buy A&C

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  • Rich

    • an hour ago


    To bad no one has a right to there own opinion, if it is not want the left thinks is right, then they just call you a pigot . Funny how the left and our beloved media can label those who believe in our beloved Lord as pigots and take away there rights. and yet those who would try to destroy our nation say nothing about there actions. Most shows on the television is nothing but filth. Everyone has a right to say and believe what there wish. But being a Christian gives you no right to your own option. Yes gays should by all means have there rights to there opinion, but so should Christians. I am behind you Phil, and so are many others in this nation. Bless you, (Buy But A&E)

  • jdeeremoma

    Everyone has opinions and so does Phil. Fair is fair. Why do media people ask people ask questions like this? They know Phil's stance already but it's like they want to nail him. It's not like it's not obvious what their views are.

    • daisykmt

      Right. One would think they're setting him up. . .

  • mic

    did the head of GLADD really say lies? it sounds like an opinion to me.

  • Serjet

    I will no longer view A&E. If you feel they are wrong join me and let them know where it hurts. The ratings. You don't agree with the Duck, don't watch the show. A&E can go to hell, I won't be watching. Join me at another channel.

    • bigwood

      i'm with you let's watch OWN together

  • not perfect

    Phil and Si are absolutely correct. Gay people will not see the Kingdom of God unless they repent. We as Christians must love the sinners but hate the sins. We are all sinners, but Repentance to God will get you to the Kingdom of God. We all have the freedom of speech and Phil and Si should not be reprimanded for what they have said. It is their right.

    • bigwood

      I agree with you on one thing the bible does tell you if a man lays with another man to stone him to death so I think gay people trying to make their lifestyle fit in the Bible just doesn't work. But on the other hand the Bible is complete bullshit so who gives a shit. It is only for the ignorant people anyway


    Phil we support you ….yes we all need the good lord on are side , you din't kill any one at the mall,or a school,you spoak you mind. I will still watch youR show. GOD BLESS AND HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!!!

    • bigwood

      Merry Xmas to the Robertson's

  • john

    Why are “Jesus Freaks” so concerned about what I do? Stay out of my bed!

    • Name

      This is what God says, not only a personal belief. We are truely lost as a people if we define our own truth in these matters. Way to stand up Phil.

    • smartgrit

      not concerned but should not have to hear about it or condone it to make you feel ok about it. Just keep it to yourself like I do, I don't have to tell everyone I am heterosexual to make myself complete. Why do you?

      • Freedom




  • RonaldWeinmann

    Tell these boys not to get upset with these unGodly people and their life styles-Very soon these people will be rewarded for their actions and beliefs-God has taken care of this type sin in the past and will do so again-Christanity cannot change the world,but God can and will according to his promises. All sin will be destroyed from the universe,and it will be done in God's time; One week–Six days are already up -the seventh day is rapidly approaching,to start after the final battle —where most of these
    freaks will be destroyed



    • bigwood

      I think A and E will be ok and the Robertson's already have way more money than they will spend anyway. Praise Jesus and Allah

  • Paul Revere

    Revelations……..It is funny how bible prophecy comes true yet people still fail to believe……When it comes down I would love to see these proclaimed self righteous people down on their knees begging Jesus to spare them for doing what they know is wrong……….Sodom and Gomorrah……Ill let it go with that…..Not even the government can make a wrong right……These laws they are passing will be the beginning of the end…..Calling themselves Christians as they pass them…….

    • Mike Seals

      I would have to say I would prefer they find god Know the truth and Join in those going to heaven. but I guess that would be the love of god side wouldn't it

  • Paul Revere

    A&E is no longer viewed in this house……..

  • Hierophant888

    The American Society IS in moral decay; it is UNDENIABLE. It is like Caligula's “Bread,Sex,and Circuses”, of falling Rome.. Personally, I like Phil Robertson. In this “politically correct” /”in your face culture” of reckless sexual, booze, drug, and debauchery laden, “friends with benefits” culture. I am enthused that Mr. Robertson is not willing to change his belief system in order to be a T.V. people pleaser. First Amendment Rights are FOR EVERYONE, even when they say something against the tide.

  • burt

    As all people, we are created in the image of God and it is up to us, as individules to find our way to God the Father through Jesus our Lord. Christens are to shine the light of Jesus and not to condem our fellow man…….it is not our place to judge, but God`s alone. I do, however, agree with the book of Lamitations in the Old Testament……if one does`t know what it says, I would encourage you to read it. It goes into great detail about sin and that sin IS NOT accepted in the Kingdom of God……..I`m NOT sorry, but this is God`s word and that`s the end of the story. God`s word is full of life and it shows us that He wants to be envolved in every accept of our lives……..most people are afraid to speak about sin because it is not popular and creates conflict. We`ve all fallen short of the glory of God and we all need to come to God through our Lord and Savoir, Jesus Christ…………….

  • DL

    As Americans we have freedom speech but that has been turned around to say we ya you do but you can't say this or that and don't hurt anyones feelings…Really? just funny how they put all the commerials on shows on TV with foul cursing that has just got out of hand and now putting gays all over TV making us like it but no one can say hey I don't think its right? A&E are hypocrites, run around trying to make shows what they are not by adding bleeps to act like people said something foul and don't say Jesus. I love DD family and what they stand for. I would hate to see them leave the show but Im 150 pct behing them if they do.

  • sick of perversion

    Human beings always try to gain acceptance or offer excuses for deviant behavior or acts. The alcoholic seeks out others that will enable the behavior or encourage it. The same is true with sexual sicknesses as well. The result is lashing out and attacking anyone or anything that does not put a stamp of approval on their desired behavior. The true sickness is that networks like A&E would make statements such as they have always been big supporters of that type of behavior. I guess TVLAND will be getting more of my time.

  • Mike Seals

    You forget Freedom of speech is only for those whose speech doesn't offend anyone. I am not saying I believe 100% with what he says but he simply quoted a verse in the bible and said I believe that. Of course he was saying he couldn't see the other side of the coin as well. It's ok for someone to say your a white racist crack head moron idiot ..Need I go on. But we are getting a little to much now when your no longer allowed to believe what you want to. Even the gays aren't upset with what he said. what is next a guy steals your purse and the world goes nuts because you called him a thief ??
    Oh for all you that are upset about what he said I believe Jennifer Lawrence is trying to get the word fat banned so you maybe you can help her out as well.

  • Freedom

    a&e execs pull your head out, where do you get off telling everyone that they have to except what you tell them to. You all must be the anti Americans that think that you know best for all of use, well your not and freedom of speech is our right. If you have any morals at all you would leave the US and go to the communist country of your choice, All of you cittzens that call yourself Americans, yet believe that a person that speaks there mind or beliefs should be punished, Please leave and go your not a true American. I am not a believe of god and all that but I still know these type of people are not normal. Thank you phil for speeking the truth.

  • Jamie Henrikson

    Damn what happened to freedom of speech christians get reprimanded for their views but just let a muslin say the same thing and all is fine

  • Pete

    I think Phil should be the President. How refreshing it would be to hear a President tell you the truth on what's wrong with America. God Bless you Phil, you would have my vote.

  • BOYCOTT A&E!!!!!

    I say lets boycott A&E!!! On Dec 21st no one watch A&E channel. WE WANT PHIL BACK!!

  • BOYCOTT A&E!!!!!

    Duck Dynasty should leave A&E and make there own Duck Dynasty production. I bet A&E ratings will go down.