‘Duck Dynasty’ Finale Suffers Huge Drop From Last Season Ender

'Duck Dynasty' Finale Suffers Huge Drop From Last Season Ender

Season 5 finale draws 6 million total viewers

The Season 5 finale of A&E's “Duck Dynasty” quacked a little more quietly than last season's capper.

Wednesday night's “Duck Dynasty” season finale drew 6 million total viewers — which put it up 28 percent against last week's episode, but down considerably from the 8.4 million total viewers that the Season 4 finale drew last year.

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Wednesday's season capper marks a trend in declines for the series, which follows the shenanigans of the Louisiana-based Robertson family, who made a fortune manufacturing duck calls. The Season 4 finale was itself down from the Season 3 finale, which had 9.6 million total viewers.

The good news for the series? The finale was the  No. 1 show on cable for the night across all key demos, and was second in all of television in the 18-49 demographic most sought by advertisers, with only ABC's “Modern Family” topping it.

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In the 18-49 demo, the “Duck Dynasty” finale drew 3.2 million total viewers, a 33 percent increase over last week. Among the 25-54 demo, the finale also drew 3.2 million total viewers, which was a 19 percent improvement over the previous week.

The fifth season of “Duck Dynasty” was the first full season since family patriarch Phil Robertson made anti-gay comments in an interview with “GQ.” The elder Robertson was briefly suspended from the series, but was quickly reinstated following public protest.

  • Ward P

    Loose lips sink ships, Mr. Robertson.

  • John Buchanan

    That's because, as Stephen Colbert first pointed out, they lost their massive gay, lesbian and black audiences as a result of Daddy Phil's rants. And the Christian bump couldn't make up for the exodus.

  • The Line

    I am a heterosexual Caucasian male and could care less about a show featuring a bunch of quacks who got lucky selling a duck caller, let it go to their heads and then became morality experts. Quack, quack, Robertson. Your ratings will be lower next year and then cancellation will follow shortly thereafter. And you can go back to tooting your quacker at anybody who is quacky enough to listen. Quack.

  • Jonas Grumby

    The bulk of people that watch the “redneck” shows do so to laugh at them, not because they identify with them. So when their bigotry is exposed, the cuteness wears off and all that is remaining of the audience are a handful of drooling TeaBags.

  • hupto

    Just checked the timer on my watch; it's at 14 minutes.

  • HappyForThem

    They will still have the last bearded laugh because they are still hauling $$$ to the bank–so suck on that you liberals. Hahaha

  • bd

    Instead of a headline reading “#1 show on cable for the night” your headline reads “huge drop….” ? Apparently the majority of your brain-dead audience never reads past the headlines. Sorry commentary on the intelligence of your readers.

  • The Al

    So one's opinion or belief is against the law in this new age obman order of america.Screw him he's a racest.

  • Tom Clark

    I enjoyed the show about the Robinson clan. Their rise from deep poverty, aided by their belief in God, Jesus their Savior, and their hard work in a simple device that worked well for its purpose is outstanding. The love of their family for each other is what I find inspirational.

  • j7apple

    Wednesday night's “Duck Dynasty” season finale drew 6 million total viewers .. and they put a negative spin on it ..wow……..