Dailies | James Franco Tries – and Fails – to Properly Explain His New Novel to Jimmy Kimmel (Video)

Kimmel didn't quite get what the multihypenate was rambling on about

James Franco stopped by “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Monday and attempted to summarize his new novel, “Actors Anonymous,” but couldn't quite get the point across to his host.

“The structure is based on a recovery book, like Alcoholics Anonymous, but not because I think acting is an addiction,” Franco said. “It's more looking at — in a recovery program, once you get over an addiction it's more about looking at your life to see what led to the addiction, so I was looking at acting, specifically as acting and I'm an actor in Hollywood and looking at all the specifics of that, and also being able to extrapolate from that and say, ‘Well, when I say acting, it's more like life,’ in the sense that when you're an actor you're just interacting with other actors in an imaginary circumstance.”

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“Well, it's not that big of a leap to say, ‘Well, life is just interacting with other people in the world,'” Franco continued. “So it's looking at acting as a kind of way of looking at life.”

“I have no idea what you're saying right now,” Kimmel said.

  • jen walker

    James is a attention whore that is proud of being an idiot .

  • bpfoto

    Stop making stupid people famous. We can start by ignoring James and Kanye.

  • FunnyFaceKing

    Oooh, it's a character in his novel that said those things about Tarantino. Kimmel is misleading the public by implying that those are Franco's opinions.