Transgender Guest Janet Mock Returning to ‘Piers Morgan Live’ Amid Charges of Insensitivity

Transgender Guest Janet Mock Returning to 'Piers Morgan Live' Amid Charges of Insensitivity

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Piers Morgan takes offense at Mock's offense

Janet Mock will return to “Piers Morgan Live” after slamming the CNN program for sensationalizing her life story and being insensitive to the transgender community.

She will debate host Piers Morgan, who insists her charges are false and offensive.

“Looking fwd to a fruitful discussion,” Mock tweeted shortly after news of her return broke.

The author and advocate was on the program to promote her new memoir “Redefining Realness” and objected to Morgan's questions about how she told her boyfriend that she was transgender.

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In particular, Mock, who has alway identified as female, was upset that Morgan began a question with the preamble, “you used to be yourself a man.”

“I was not ‘formerly a man,'” Mock tweeted. “Pls stop sensationalizing my life and misgendering trans women.”

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She went on to write, “Nuance in media is nearly impossible but I do hope we continue to write the records of our own lives & relay that nuance #redefiningrealness.”

On Twitter, Morgan hit back, “I've always been 100% supportive of transgender rights – the allegations of me being ‘transphobic’ are as nonsensical as they're offensive.”

He added that she expressed no displeasure with his line of questioning on the program, writing, “Very disappointed in @janetmock ‘s tweets tonight. Deliberately, and falsely, fuelling some sense of me being ‘transphobic'. Unpleasant.”


  • Voxpop

    She's right on all counts. Morgan really needs to do some work, clearly his angle was all about sensationalizing the lives of trans women. Trans women were not ever men, they were presenting as men. Books and covers and all that.
    I'm not surprised that this happened but I'll be surprised if he recants and understands the damage that comes from discussing trans people's lives on these terms, even if it wasn't what he originally intended.

  • Franorama World

    Why would I expect any more from CNN? Just like Katie Couric — for the millions you make, Morgan, please know at least SOMETHING before you interview somebody about a topic!