Dailies | Jon Stewart on Evil Obamacare: Poor People Can Always Go to the ER!

Jon Stewart on Evil Obamacare: Poor People Can Always Go to the ER!

Calls the states who are refusing Medicaid expansion, burdens on the system

Jon Stewart slammed the 26 states refusing to accept Medicaid expansion to millions of low income Americans over their opposition to the Affordable Care Act on Thursday's edition of “The Daily Show,” calling them moochers.

As evidence, he noted that all but three of those states take more money from the federal government than they contribute in tax dollars.

“They are already burdens on the system,” Stewart said. “I believe they're referred to by those Republicans as moochers. Moocher states. And if statehood was healthcare, Mississippi and Missouri would be rejected as having that as a pre-existing condition.”

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He implied that states like Mississippi and Texas are refusing to expand their programs because their Republican controlled governments despise President Obama.

With a sardonic tone, Stewart than took viewers through a tour of the intricacies and insanities of the modern healthcare system. He also used the opportunity to take a swipe at former Republican standard-bearer Mitt Romney for saying that uninsured people do get treated for medical problems when they visit emergency rooms.

“You can always go to the emergency room when you're having a heart attack,” Stewart said. “And apparently they think that's the fiscally responsible option rather than expanding Medicaid, because unlike Obamacare, we all know ER visits are free.”

But of course the cost of treating uninsured customers gets passed on to paying customers, which raises health insurance rates and makes it more difficult for people to get coverage, Stewart noted.

  • Jing Yagunazie

    Ive went to the Emergency room several times without insurance for chest pains and high blood pressure. Before obamacare, they would hook you up to monitors and check your blood. After obamacare, they take your blood pressure and give you a perscription. Each time they charges me #30 a pill to lower my blood pressure. Each time the bill come out to $2400 with a $1500 deduction for not having insurance. I paid every time. I can not understand the bill stayed the same. Amount of proceedures they did in the emergency room went down 90%

    • Rosebud

      That steaming heap smells so terribly that I can smell it from here . . .

    • whysoserious

      you sir are a liar…and if that really happened to you why are you not suing them because that is very irresponsible treatment for someone with chest pains and im sure goes against evey protical they have…. I call BS!!!!! hey but nice try

      • Spanks McNutsonyerface

        Clearly you've never been to an ER.

      • Spanks McNutsonyerface

        Clearly you've never been to an ER.

    • John Martin

      has obamacare even kicked in yet? I think you need to eat more vegetables, sleep more, maybe get some nasal strips if you snore (sleep apnea can kill you) and exercise. Stop using the ER wo insurance, it costs $500-1000 to those of us who work and i could use that money.

  • Da Truth

    Jon tells it like it is. The GOP is morally bankrupt.

    • John Martin

      the first thing any financial expert will tell you is that, if you make $44,000 annually and have $48,000 in credit card debt is…stop borrowing off your credit card..then they will say you are an idiot for doing this in the first place who raised you?
      So if GOP is morally bankrupt, then the dems are idiots who are driving us bankrupt.

      • Ed Crown

        The Dems are driving us to bankruptcy? Take the blinders off–Republicans of 2001-2009 spent us into a meltdown–a total devaluation of our nations overall net worth by $12T–50K manufacturing plants closed–record outsourcing –750 per months job loss–$3T cuts to the top 1%–the allowance of big business to avoid having to pay fed-tax. The cost of the two wars are still all on Bush. Then Obama gets to work with an obstructionist Congress. RWrs are in total denial and are delusional.

        • Carl Tim

          Id say YOU need to remove your virtual reality glasses, murderer.

        • JHMSD

          Pretty simple to see how dimwitted you are when you use phrases like “outsourcing” in your diatribe. What exactly was “outsourced” according to you my bear of little brain? Do you really mean “offshoring”? Dimwit, just regurgitates what he hears from Matthews, Maddow and Maher as the dumbing down of America continues unabated……

        • Wilbur

          ed, ed, ed………so pathetically partisan. The second half of your 2001-2009 was economically dismal. Guess who held the Senate and the House? Guess who gave us the Freddie and Fannie fiasco that crippled the economy? Do the research and shut up.

          • Ed Crown

            Partisan? You obviously cannot face reality

        • mo

          Total denial and delusional describes a lot of democrats in office.

    • Carl Tim

      Whatever, baby killer.

      • Mason David Goldman

        You Sir are a shinning example of why America citizens are the laughing stock among 1st world countries and baby killer really your the one with a weapon promo as your profile pic

      • mo

        The democrats aren't baby killers. Abortion is right for some women, and it is their choice, not YOURS. Don't be stupid.

        • DK67

          Yeah, they are not baby killers…they are fetus killers!! And murdering fetuses is right for some that don't know what birth control is or drop their drawers every time they drop a shot of vodka! You tell ‘em mo!

          • JmyOpinion

            What the hell is the difference on killing? Republicans like to kill everyone who don't have their opinion on life and politics and would be at war with the world if it were up to them. What the hell it creates jobs, right? Killing is killing whether it be with a gun or at a clinic people. Why is it OK to kill an innocent mother and child in a foreign country but not OK to give a woman a choice of who she wants to bring into this loving society? Let's go back to church on Sunday to thump our bibles so we can walk out, give the finger to the first person we see on the road and support killing with war on Monday.

    • mo

      He reports only on the dumb azz republicans, but won't ever touch upon the dumb azz democrats. He is leaving a lot of good material out of his show.

  • Ron

    This man is a typical OSLIMEa voting nut job,like all the other, robbers, felons
    And aetheist, communist nut jobs.

  • Ron

    Oh yea one, more thing. Ask this nut job if he signed up for this great scam?

    • Richard

      is that the Nut job in Washington you are talking about?

  • BH

    They talk about the states not taking the money and expanding the coverage. They never talk about the billions extra it will cost each year when the fed gov't cuts back their money in a couple years. Some people talk about the almost $3 trillion it will cost the fed gov't in the next 10 yrs, but how much more will it cost the states in the next 10 yrs? Since the bill was deemed to have passed the Democrat House, 30 additional pages per page of the actual bill have been written by unelected gov't employees. I wonder how much of these, or the original bill, Stewart has read?

    • Shannon

      Exactly. In 3 years, federal backing of the Medicaid expansion dries up, and the states are forced to incur all that debt. We the taxpayers will be forced to pay for it. Won't be just the wealthy. It'll be all of us. THAT is why some states said no thanks to medicaid expansion. They don't want to foist more debt on the people in their states in order for moochers to get free bc. Yeah, moochers. That IS what they are. Medicaid is only supposed to be for the very poorest. The expansion allows for people making four times the federal the poverty level to qualify for Medicaid. Jon Stewart may be ok with funding it, but most of us are not.

    • mo

      The democrats in the government won't tell us a lot of things that are going to prove Obamacre is a looming disaster. They think you won't remember it was the democrats that are screwing us. I am a liberal democrat, but not a stupid one, and I won't forget that the democrats have lost their minds next election. I will vote to replace them all.

    • midumptster

      All the hoopla about how much the government is going to “give” the states but there is no mention about the cost to states over the next several years.
      Personally, I commend the states that declined to be bullied into participating in Affordable Care.
      Entitlements buy votes. Once an entitlement is given, it is impossible to take it away.
      I'd be curious to know how many of our Senators and Representatives actually read the entire bill.

  • John Martin

    Jon check your facts, last I saw 14,400 was below the poverty level and should qualify her for subsidies, I am assuming she is not alone, I recall I heard the words family and taking food from children.

    Perhaps if she wasn't obese she wouldn't need as many meds. I am guessing a blood pressure med, one or two diabetes, maybe a cholesterol as well.
    Much more often than this is the patient that refuses to give up their cigarettes, as opposed to buying their kids $4 antibiotics.

    True on the ER, they run up to $1000 each, and then people go in for colds.

    Here is a better answer- cap lawsuits. The beloved town doc who worked until his death at age 85, reported in his book that he saw up to 100 patients daily (granted those were long workdays). Fifteen years ago my wife's partner saw 35, today they see 20-24 on busy days. Why this huge drop in efficiency you ask? CYA ! Cover Your A$%! Doctors are forced to do several hours of charting to be sure that every single thing is documented, tons of red tape, a bureacratic nightmare. If you want to drop healthcare costs, then trim the paperwork, cap lawsuits, punish lawyers who file frivolous suits..it hurts everyone so that attorneys get to keep 60% of the damages! If Docs could see 50% more patients, prices would drop.
    I agree that preventative care is a must, I am not ok with forcing everyone to spend a large chunk of their household income to fund a system that is still fundamentally broken, but now its mandatory. In IL our taxes are going up $250 annually to pay for the system, and that is just one issue.

    My aunt lost her full time job as a school cafeteria worker, a job she has enjoyed for many years. She works part time still, but they had to hire a 2nd part time employee to avoid the mandatory ACA coverage. My aunt relied on that income.
    If the ACA actually accomplished anything shy of throwing everyone in a busted system, it would be easier to accept the new tax. Its like buying a fleet of broken buses that are so out of tune they get 1/4 of the gas mileage they should, to provide public transportation for a town. Sure everyone has a ride to work now, but maybe we could have fixed the buses up a bit first.

    • mo

      Jon Stewart is a liberal extremist, and won't make touch on of anything that shows what a clusterf45k Obamacare is. His jokes are only about the republicans. He must be squirming knowing that h is missing out on ALOT of funny jabs because he won't go after the democrats.

    • midumptster

      You are right on! Affordable Care failed to address the legal repercussions of health care. There is a reason… The Obama's are lawyers. Talk about padding your cronies pockets.
      The ads make it real clear who is profiting.
      Ask any health care provider how much they are paying in insurance premiums. All it takes is one lawsuit to boost premiums. Instead of focusing on treating patients, they are concerned about lawsuits.
      In the meantime, health care providers are drowning in paperwork, saddled with risk, and drowning in insurance premiums.
      My neurologist decided it was time to stop seeing patients and is now teaching full time. An gynecologist friend of ours is no longer delivering babies but still has to carry insurance until the last baby he delivered turns 18. He was sued by someone that didn't like her belly button.
      With the amount of time and money required for a medical degree, we are in for a shortage of medical providers in the future.

  • Brian Skinner

    “There's a better way. And the lessons we learned in Massachusetts could help Washington find it. First, we established incentives for those who were uninsured to buy insurance. Using tax penalties, as we did, or tax credits, as others have proposed, encourages “free riders” to take responsibility for themselves rather than pass their medical costs on to others.” – Mitt Romney July 2009 Op Ed USA Today

  • Janet Locke

    Obama is blaming Fox News for 2/3 of the country disliking Obamacare. Fox News isn't what's making Americans sick about his healthcare law. His healthcare law is.
    Here this their response: Mr. President, we at Fox News
    are not the problem. I hate to break it to you, sir. You are.
    Your words are. Your promises are. We didn't sell this healthcare
    law. Sir, you did. Remember this?

    President Barack Obama: If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep
    your doctor. Period.

    Mr. President, tell that to tens of thousands of retirees at IBM and Time
    Warner and dozens of others, who've been dumped from their coverage and told to
    find their own coverage. Fox News didn't break that news to them, Mr.
    President. Their companies did.

    Fox News didn't push more of those firms to hire part-time workers. Your
    healthcare law did. Fox News didn't incentivize fast food restaurants to
    scale back their benefits. Your healthcare law did. Fox News didn't
    make doctors want to opt out. Your healthcare law did. Fox News
    didn't make insurance premiums sky rocket. Your healthcare law did.
    Just like Fox News didn't grant hundreds of exemptions to companies that needed
    them. You did. And Fox News didn't delay one key provision after
    another, including online enrollment for those small business exchanges.
    You did.

    Just like it wasn't Fox News that said we had to pass this to see what was in
    this. You did. Or was that Nancy Pelosi? Sometimes I'm
    confused. But of this I am not. Fox News didn't re-do basic
    math. Sir, you did. Fox News didn't say you can cover 30 million
    more Americans and not see a hit in premiums. You did. Fox News
    didn't say you could throw in those with pre-existing conditions and not have
    to pay for it. You did. Fox News didn't all but say you could get
    something for nothing. You did. Fox News didn't come back years
    later and say, oh yea, we did raise some taxes. You did.

    Here's where you are right about Fox News, however, Mr. President. We can
    do math. And did. You cannot. And did not. We said it,
    and proved it. You didn't. And we're all suffering for it.
    Take it from the numbers guy at Fox. Numbers don't lie. The number
    of Americans working part-time and nervous. The number of retirees days
    away from being dumped on exchanges and anxious. The number of company bosses
    with any news to pass along on those exchanges, but still clueless. The
    number of doctors who want out. The number of congressmen now opting
    out. No, Mr. President, none of those numbers lie.

    But with all due respect sir, I can only conclude you do know; I know, I know
    you hate us at Fox. But please take a look in a mirror, and fast.
    You think we're the skunk at your picnic. But that doesn't mean we're the
    ones that stink. Because that smell isn't coming from the folks reporting
    on your law. Mr. President, that smell is your law.

    • Git Wood

      Excellent and unfortunately spot on post.
      Was beginning to think i fell in a black hole of Obamanation .

  • Bob

    Americans do not give a shit about their health. How many smokers, fat (yeah that's right I said fat a $$ people are there?) People, drug users, top ten foodvestablishments are all junk food. Its not quantity of Life but quality of life.

    • Scott Carter

      Michelle Obamas Classmate is affiliated with the Canadian Company that set up the Website.Also, Valarie Jarrett (the Puppetmaster) daughter works for this Company. Coincidence? I think not.

  • Bob

    News flash you Obamaniets. You cannot stop physicians from opting out of Obama care by retiring early. If you wanted to be charitable please leave me out of it and just adopt poor people and pay for them yourselves. I would rather reward the poor single mom at the strip club and least she puts a smile on my face.

  • Peggy Molloy

    Who chooses these pictures? I think they are dreadful. I couldn't care less about MC & her tongue.

  • Git Wood

    Mrs.O has a crony in insurance money eh?

    Insurance is more lucrative than oil by far..figures.

  • stationone123

    Only 7 million have signed up for obamacare. JAY Z sold more records to Americans in one month.