Dailies | Katherine Heigl Hits the Sheets With Alexis Bledel in New Lesbian Film (Photo)

Katherine Heigl Hits the Sheets With Alexis Bledel in New Lesbian Film (Photo)

Jenny's Wedding Movie, LLC

“Jenny's Wedding” producers are looking for help to finish the movie

A new photo from Katherine Heigl‘s new movie, “Jenny's Wedding,” could portray a couple in love or a college sleepover.

It shows the “Grey's Anatomy” actress lying blithely in bed and laughing while “Mad Men's” Alexis Bledel lies behind her with a hand on Heigl's shoulder. Steamy.

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The film stars Heigl as Jenny, a woman who hides the fact that she's lesbian from her family. When she decides to marry her long-time girlfriend, it tears apart her family. Wilkinson and Linda Emond play her parents. Grace Gummer also appears in the movie.

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On Thursday, “Jenny's Wedding” producers turned to crowd-funding site Indiegogo to raise money for post-production costs. “Beaches” filmmaker Mary Agnes Donoghue finished production on the film last month, but she and her cohorts need $150,000 for music, titles, color and sound. The movie does not have a domestic distributor yet, so one presumes it will use some of that money for film festivals as well.


  • kdo3

    This is an advertisement for funding. Also, this movie looks dumb.

  • Michael Bishop Emery

    I'll only donate if Heigl and Bledel have a nude sex scene; I'll compromise on bush but I insist on well-lit ass and nipple shots. Those are my demands, the ball is in your court.

  • Beth

    It really wasn't that long ago Heigl was a huge box office draw. (So big that she totally blew off Grey's) what happened? Now they have to beg for enough money to make her movies. Again, what happened?