Larry King’s First Post-Host Special for CNN to Air May 1

“Unthinkable: The Alzheimer’s Epidemic” will feature Laura Bush, Maria Shriver, Seth Rogen, Terrell Owens, Ron Reagan

Larry King's first special for CNN as an ex-host was announced on Monday.

"CNN Presents: A Larry King Special — Unthinkable: the Alzheimer’s Epidemic" is set to air Sunday, May 1st and will include interviews with an eclectic group of people whose lives have been touched by the disease: former First Lady Laura Bush; California’s former First Lady and Alzheimer’s activist Maria Shriver; actors Seth Rogen and Angie Dickinson; TV host Leeza Gibbons; football star Terrell Owens; Ron Reagan, the son of former President Ronald Reagan.

CNN chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta will also be on hand to discuss Alzheimer’s with King.

Here's why Rogen was included, via CNN's release:

Seth Rogen, talks to King about supporting his fiancée and her family as they deal with her mom’s early diagnosis at the age of fifty-five.  He wants the world to know this is a young person’s problem too, “More and more people in our generation are gonna have to deal with it,” Rogen said.  “We're dealing with it before most people have to,” he tells King.  “But as you get older and you see it happening to your parents, and ultimately realize it could happen to yourself and your friends, it becomes much more real and not some imaginary old person problem, you know?”

While it's King's first official special for CNN since leaving "Larry King Live" late last year, the suspender-wearing icon has stayed close by, appearing on the air multiple times during the network's coverage of Elizabeth Taylor's death.

King has also stayed visible on cable, appearing on Fox News (also for Liz Taylor) and on Comedy Central during its "Roast of Donald Trump."