Dailies | Sharon Osbourne Apologizes for Telling ‘View’ Hosts to ‘Go F— Themselves’

Sharon Osbourne Apologizes for Telling 'View' Hosts to 'Go F— Themselves'

“I was inappropriate … I'm really just a loose cannon,” says “The Talk” host

Sharon Osbourne has a new suggestion for “The View” hosts: accept her apology for telling them to “go fuck themselves” on Wednesday's “Arsenio Hall.”

Osbourne took a few moments on Thursday's “The Talk” to address her comments and apologized unreservedly, noting that she very much respected Jenny McCarthy, Sherri Shepherd and Whoopi Goldberg and their accomplishments. Osbourne had already stated that she was a big fan for Barbara Walters.

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“I was inappropriate and I was trying to be funny at somebody else's expense,” Osbourne said. “I'm really just a loose cannon! Anyway, I want to apologize to Jenny, Sherri and Whoopi who are all accomplished, self-made women who have amazing careers.”

A spokesman for “The View” had no comment on any of Osbourne's suggestions.

Watch the video:

  • lapisblue

    Considering all Sharon has been going through, loosing her temper is understood. She remains a class act, as always.

    • Spot2

      she's anything but classy. c'mon!

  • Pat Hunt

    I have to admit I lost respect for her when she made that crude comment and quite frankly I thought she acted drunk. But she has apologized and everyone says things sometimes that I am sure they regret….myself included.

  • Honeybee60

    Anyone who is married to Ozzie Osbourne can't be all there!

  • Autumn

    anyone that is married to a man that polishes his nails black is definitely a loose cannon

  • Spot2

    yeah not like you, bitch, who rode in her husband's coat tails. you and that Julie chen.

  • John Wadson

    why apologize-it's true!

  • Brenda London

    Both shows are usually sleepers in my opinion. Though I like Sharon & Whoopi, I wish they had another way than the boring talk shows they are on to make a living in the public eye. Both shows have outlived their interest AND TV TIME. ANCEL BOTH.

    • Delores G

      Ozzie would probably be broke if not for Sharon. She ran his career for
      many years and may still be doing so. Have not checked. She is very smart
      and says what she thinks…sometimes off the cuff and not always the smart thing but I like her honesty. Don't think she is a mean person

      • Brenda London

        I agree with you

  • Rudyblue

    Other than marrying a rock star and having surgery to correct her ugly face, why is she even on TV,? What movie was she in? What hit single did she have? she's a side bar and coattail celebrity. Sure, she's hateful, full of jealousy and envy, but what other qualifications does she and her Chen partners have. If not for their marriage, they couldn't get a job at McDonalds. on their own

  • joeplano19

    She should never apologize…. its her right to tell those b****s what to do

  • Arima

    First of all, who does Osborne think she is?? As for leaving Walters out of her suggestion that the others “Go F- – - themselves” it seems to me that she may be afraid that Walters might be able to quash Osborne's chances of getting any plum jobs in the future. Personally, Walters is the only one who should have been told to perform that act on herself. Whoopi Goldberg has more talent in her little fingernail than Osborne will ever have in her entire body! I've watched The Talk, very briefly only twice and Chen and Osborne could leave the table anytime and it would be a much better program.