8 of TV's Most Unintentionally Scary Characters

8 of TV's Most Unintentionally Scary Characters

Loading up your DVR with Halloween viewing fare? Consider these unconventional choices

As you plan your Halloween slumber parties, you've no doubt DVR'd shows like “The Walking Dead” and “American Horror Story” to watch late into the night. But for real chills, why not watch some of TV's most unintentionally scary characters?

We're talking about the ones who are so overacted or just plain wrong that they send a chill down your spine. Sure, zombies and witches are scary. But so is misplaced talent.

Here are the characters we consider the most unintentionally scary on television. You may want to sleep with the lights on.

Laurench Fishburne as agent Jack Crawford in Hannibal

The scary one on “Hannibal” is supposed to be the cannibalistic killer in the title. But Laurence Fishburne‘s Jack Crawford creeps us out more, mostly because Fishburne seems to overact at the oddest times. Fishburne seems like he's always about to scream at people for no reason — and sometimes he does — which is a strange quality in a character Scott Glenn played as icily controlled in “Silence of the Lambs.” We're not saying Fishburne shouldn't put his own stamp on the character — of course he should — but a rooted, restrained Crawford would help make the rest of the show feel more authentic. Is he secretly a killer too?

Robin Williams adds an edge to this wholesome CBS family comedy by playing the ad executive lead as a raging narcissist. He can't just get Kelly Clarkson to do an ad — he needs to perform a song for her, filled with childish double entendres. And he keeps bursting into weird voices and expecting people to tolerate it. And there's a giant picture of him painted on the wall. Roberts is what Jack Crawford would recognize as a sociopath, devoid of empathy or — oh wait. Robin Williams plays almost all his comic characters this way. Nevermind. (Seriously though: Despite his reputation as a standup, Williams is much better at drama than comedy. Is that okay to say?)

Coulter's beliefs are too silly to be scary, but her commitment to her frankly weird routine is chilling. It's like watching Andy Kaufman continuing to lip-sync the “Mighty Mouse” theme long after everyone has left the theater. Ann, we get it: You have nothing left to prove.

carl grimes

The pre-pubescent protagonist is trying to survive AMC's zombie apocalypse alongside his heroic dad, Rick, and the rest of the prison gang, but there's just something about him that suggests he could grow up to be as cold, calculating and viscous as The Governor. Maybe it was that time he shot that kid in the face last season, ratted out Carol for teaching kids survival skills this season, or just the simple fact that he killed his own mother. Sure, someone had to put a bullet in Lori's head, but that's enough childhood trauma to turn anyone into a serial killer.

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Forget Pawnee — Jerry Gurgich is the nicest man in the entire midwest. He is the constant butt of the jokes and pranks of the Lesley Knope-led Parks and Recreation department on NBC's show of the same name. And Gurgich takes it all in stride, even relishing somewhat in his role of the the office annoyance, even though to normal people, Gurgich would be lauded as a sweetheart. And that is why the gentle giant will most certainly snap one day. Even having an abnormally hot wife can only keep a tortured man calm for so long.

There are plenty of scary people in HBO's Atlantic City-based mob drama, but Margaret Schroeder is likely not the one that comes to mind. Exactly. Schroeder was introduced to the show as a battered woman who may or may not have wanted Nucky Thompson's perhaps overboard interference. She was careful to toe the line in the period piece where that was expected of women. But she's also gotten her hands a little dirty over her story arc. Schroeder has been gone for a while before recently resurfacing with some secrets. It's the quiet ones you've really got to worry about.

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Yes, Cricket has been portrayed as a pathetic sad sack on “It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” but as his relentless romantic pursuit of Dee Reynolds proved, he'll let nothing stop him in the pursuit of his goal. Plus, he quite literally has nothing to live for and has developed a superhuman ability to ingest illegal stimulants. Can you say super-stalker?

While most people would assume Adam or his increasingly-unstable love interest Hannah would be the first characters on “Girls” to commit a violent crime, it's Marnie who should worry viewers the most. The girl has an idealistic view of what her future should be, and is absolutely petrified of it being anything less than happily-ever-after. She's putting so much pressure on herself to be perfect, she's bound to snap — and maybe will next season. Christopher Abbott, the actor who played her boyfriend, Charlie, has left the show. Assuming he dumps her, she could have conceivably murdered him.

  • Jake

    How about including Obama on your list?

    Conservatives are easy for you to go after. How about the most disingenuous, cunning, horrible, vile, despicable, liberal loser ever to reside in the White House?

    • Alexander

      I agree. He's destroying the country. Nothing more frightening than that.

      He is truly an awful person.

  • Luci Widnesor

    Ann Coulter? Oh, please. Ed Schultz, Chris Matthews, Al Sharpton and Piers Morgan are way scarier than anyone who appears on the one credible news channel.

    • Roy_Munson

      On their worst day, they haven't said anything close to what Ann says on a typical day.
      Remember the time she mocked 9/11 widows? Wasn't that cool?

      • G L

        She didn't mock them. She criticized them for turning into spokespeople, which they had, and suggested quite correctly that their public actions made them valid targets of criticism.

      • Luci Widnesor

        She did not “mock” them, she said that when someone steps into the public arena to address an issue they can open themselves to criticism – something she knows something about. As for Schultz calling Laura Ingram – a cancer survivor and single mother of 3 a “slut”, Al Sharpton launching his career on the bogus Tawana Brawley issue, Piers Morgan inviting people on the show and calling them “stupid” and “idiotic” (check out the definition of “host”, Piers) and Matthews likening people he doesnt agree with to racists and bigots – way worse, especially because they have a daily forum.

        • Roy_Munson

          She suggested these women, who had lost their husbands horrifically, should pose for Playboy because they like attention.
          Funny how you guys didn't mention that in your posts.
          Is that worse than Piers calling somebody stupid or Matthews calling somebody a racist or a bigot?

  • Kat Von Clawswits

    What really should be scary for “The Wrap” is that most people would never have heard about your craptastic rag if it hadn't mentioned Ann Coulter. I'll wager that she is better known and more universally admired than your pathetic cover of the Hollywood socialist scene.

  • res08hao

    This one casual mention reveals your politics and destroys your credibility. Not smart at all.

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    The influx of right wing trolls is due to the fact that this story has been linked to the wingnut website Newsbusters.org. Do not be afraid. They are harmless trolls :) They scour the internet looking for stories featuring their fellow wingnuts.

    • nolableplease

      you are a very angry, brutal person after reading your wishes for Barbara Bush, where is all the anger and vile spewing of hate coming from? You have to understand you get more with understanding or empathy than from trying to bash people from afar. Old school, we'd sit and talk and you are in no position to talk your talk, that I know.

  • http://hotair.com/ StewartIII

    Ann Coulter is NOT a FOX News contributor, she has never worked for FOX News. Why does the left continue to push this lie?

    • Phineas T. Bluster

      Because, you blithering idiot, this transgender sociopath has been the sole guest on Fox 36 times in 2013 alone.. Never married and known to have hundreds of sex partners, she has the balls to embrace family values. What family? The Mansons?

      • G L

        Hundreds? According to whom, exactly? A bit hyperbolic, wouldn't you say?

      • http://hotair.com/ StewartIII

        You are the one who seems to be the “blithering idiot.” None of your uncivil mindless rantings disprove my simple fact.

      • Jorja1234

        And she's frequently on The View, Piers Morgan, Joy Behar, Kudlow, Bill Maher, and others. Where do you get that she has had “hundreds of sex partners?” I guess if you can't prove that her points are incorrect, you simply try to sling mud. You should read her book “Demonic” – you are profiled in it.

      • irishbuddha

        And if she were a man you'd be applauding if your allegations were true

  • John Torres

    Obama Lied and Healthcare Died…pretty “scary”!!!

  • Bob Birdsong

    I see you hit a nerve with the knuckle-draggers.

  • Bob Birdsong

    Here. I'll help you out: Ann Coulter is a provocateur, skeleton-like whore, who always appears as if she stumbled out of a closet at a party, after sucking cock. OOOOooooooo….grrrrrr……universally re…respected……l oughta….OOOOOOOOOOOO!

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      Wow – that was valuable information, and intelligent too. Troll.

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    That was you guys.

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    Um… there are fifteen replies to this article. That counts as an influx, here? Seriously, that's just sad.

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      Yup, wingnuts are indeed a sad bunch :)

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    The Wrap staff are a bunch of leftist wannabe political pundits who confuse snark for wit and carry an undeserved arogance into their writing. They can't coherently defend their position. What a waste of bandwitdth.

  • Bob Ayers

    Correction: Robin Williams is better at drama than “SCRIPTED” comedy. BUT NO ONE IS BETTER AT UNSCRIPTED/OFF-THE-WALL COMEDY!!