5 Lessons From TheGrill 2020: Gaming Is the New Social Network and Diversity Isn’t Optional


First and foremost: The changes wrought over the last six months are here to stay, in one form or another

The first all-virtual Grill conference wrapped up this week, with three days full of conversations about the future of entertainment and media. My brain is bursting with all the insights that these thought leaders offered.

If there’s an overall message from a conference about disruption that is taking place in the most disrupted time in recent history, it is this: The changes that have been accelerated during the pandemic of 2020 are here to stay. There is no going back to the way things were — either in movie windowing, or working from home, or the rise in gaming’s market share, or breaking open participation in our popular culture to wider representation.

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Sharon Waxman

Sharon Waxman, is the founder, CEO and Editor in Chief of TheWrap. She is an award-winning journalist and best-selling author, and was a Hollywood correspondent for The New York Times. Twitter: @sharonwaxman