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Aaron Sorkin-isms Brilliantly Deconstructed in ‘Late Night’ Sketch (Video)

Cluelessly self-aware sketch describes every Sorkin trope as it recreates them, from walking-and-talking to co-workers in love arguing as a form of flirting

For as long as Aaron Sorkin has been making television shows there have been parodies of Aaron Sorkin television shows. But “Late Night with Seth Meyers” found a novel approach by making the sketch about whether or not to make the sketch.

The video opened with Seth Meyers walking-and-talking with one of his staff members chatting about whether or not they were going to do an Aaron Sorkin parody. As the bit progressed, they began to talk about all the Sorkin-isms and how they could do them in a bit, all the while doing them as they talked.

“If our Sorkin sketch allows us to make fun of every Sorkin signature such as the impassioned speech given by a low-level staff member that gradually softens the stance of the sturdy-yet-warm-hearted boss, isn’t it worth doing?” asked a low-level staff member in an impassioned speech.

The sketch closed out with Aaron Sorkin himself making an appearance, and advising against doing the Sorkin parody sketch altogether. It’s just too bad they’d already completed it.

See if you can catch all of the Aaron Sorkin-isms in the final season of “The Newsroom,” Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET on HBO. “Late Night with Seth Meyers” airs weeknights at 12:37 a.m. ET on NBC.