ABC Plans All-Star ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Contestants from past 14 cycles will return

More Bristol Palin, anyone?

ABC plans an all-star edition of "Dancing With the Stars" next season, the network announced Tuesday.

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We hear you grumbling: "Oh, they're going to try having stars, this time?" Yes. The network plans to take some of the most popular of the famous and semi-famous contestants who have competed on the show over its past 14 cycles.

ABC entertainment president Paul Lee made the announcements while describing the network's 2012-13 slate for reporters.

He didn't name them, of course: The months of speculation about who will be back is part of the hype machine surrounding the show, which has dipped in ratings lately. Which may explain the all-star approach.

Lee would say only that casting is underway.

"I would love to see some of the fan favorites from the past seasons come back," he said.

Who would you like to see return? Palin? J.R. Martinez? Drew Lachey? Kim Kardashian? Let us know in the comments.