Why the AI Ethics War Will Make the Content Moderation Fight Seem Tame | PRO Insight

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“Everyone’s got their knives sharpened,” says one insider, as power brokers seek to influence rules for chatbots

Robots reading text
Robots read text in an image generated by OpenAI's Dall-E bot.

Now that AI programs speak with us in natural language, turn our thoughts into illustrations, and embody our voices, a major conflict over their ethics is en route. 

And if you thought the content moderation fight was intense, just wait for this one. 

At stake is how chatbots address political issues, how AI illustrators portray the world and whether some applications like voice emulators should even exist. Given the scale and power of this blossoming technology, the activists won’t be subtle. They’ve had their practice fighting over human speech online, and they’ll bring that experience to this war. It could get messy quickly. 

“Everyone’s got their knives sharpened,” said Sam Lessin, a venture capitalist and former Facebook executive.