ChatGPT Is Copying Human Creativity on a Huge Scale – But How Do Artists Get Paid? | PRO Insight

OpenAI’s $10 billion payday guarantees that we’ll be talking about the societal implications of these tools for years to come

ChatGPT was the talk of Davos, and yet the chatter about artificial intelligence shows no sign of subsiding. The $10 billion bet Microsoft placed Monday on OpenAI, the maker of ChatGPT, all but guarantees the technology’s primacy in the Silicon Valley conversation for years to come.

AI and the societal disruption it portends should be the talk of Hollywood, too. ChatGPT rocketed into our worlds late last year, and shook many of us with its game-changing ease and sophistication.

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Peter Csathy

Peter Csathy is a WrapPRO contributor writing about the intersection between tech and entertainment/media. He's chairman of Creative Media (, a boutique media, entertainment and tech business advisory and legal services firm. His monthly “Fearless Media” newsletter ( covers the future of entertainment, media and tech; and his weekly “NFT Legal Update” newsletter ( covers Web3 and the NFT ecosystem. You can follow him on Twitter @pcsathy.