I Asked ChatGPT to Write a Movie, a TV Episode and a Country Song – Here’s What It Can and Can’t Do

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The AI app could put us all out of work — unless we learn to use it. Hollywood, you’ve been warned

DALL·E robot writing a country song
Just how far will AI replace humans? (DALL-E)

It’s been a mere six weeks since ChatGPT came online, and already its processed prose is circulating in the bloodstream of Hollywood, where everyone from spec screenwriters to development executives quietly tinker with the most sophisticated AI bot yet.

As I have.

In the hours I’ve gone down the chatbot rabbit hole, I recently asked it to come up with a few different creative tasks: writing a movie, a TV episode and a country song. Should writers be worried — or scrambling aboard?

The smart money is probably on a bit of both, as the most common response you’ll generate on ChatGPT in the middle of any given weekday is, tellingly: “We are experiencing exceptionally high demand.