Why Google Ceded the Race to Debuting a Superior Chatbot | PRO Insight

The tech giant believes the future of search is conversational. How did it let OpenAI’s ChatGPT take the lead?

Google’s had an awkward week. After years of preaching that conversational search was its future, it’s stood by as the world discovered ChatGPT.

The powerful chatbot from OpenAI takes queries — some meant for the search bar — and answers with astonishing conversational replies. It’s shared recipes, reviewed code and argued politics so adeptly that screenshots of its answers now fill social media. This was the future Google promised. But not with someone else fulfilling it.

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Alex Kantrowitz

Alex Kantrowitz is a WrapPRO contributor. He's the founder of Big Technology, a free newsletter and podcast about Big Tech and society. He's also the author of "Always Day One: How the Tech Titans Plan to Stay on Top Forever" and a contributor at CNBC.