Twitter’s Turbulent Year – as Seen Through One Fired Employee’s Cartoons | PRO Insight

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Manu Cornet drew his way through a tumultuous period at the social platform

twitter elon musk manu cornet
Twitter down the drain. (Courtesy of Manu Cornet)

Just like that, Manu Cornet’s time at Twitter was over. The prolific cartoonist and software engineer watched his services disconnect and laptop go blank in a meeting on Nov. 1. Less than a half hour later, he learned he was out, an early cut among the 3,700-plus Twitter employees who lost their jobs this month.

Cornet’s time at Twitter was brief but well llustrated. With dozens of cartoons, Cornet depicted the feeling inside as Musk acquired the company. As the person behind some of the tech world’s best-known cartoons — including an all-timer on big tech org charts — Cornet was perfectly placed to document the wild 2022 Twitter experience.

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