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The Year Ahead: From Chat GPT and Web3 boons to an M&A spree — here’s some bold leaps on what to expect in the new year

My New Year’s toasts to you are my annual predictions for the worlds of media, entertainment and tech. This time I do it differently, laying out each of my 12 predictions by month. Now THAT’s bold! Yes, to a certain extent, that’s a gimmick to keep things festive and fresh. But my predictions are real, and my expected timing of how they play out is at least directionally correct. My holiday wish is that this unique format leads to even more conversation with friends as we sip our martinis.

January: Call it Netflix’s new year’s hangover, as its ad-supported tier isn’t the great hope and savior that the streaming giant and its investors hope it will be

I predicted this reality weeks before before Netflix announced its initial migraine-inducing ad-supported results. Let’s face it. Netflix’s most lucrative domestic market is fully saturated. To make things worse, Netflix faces increasing cannibalization at the hands of its increasingly hostile streaming enemies. That means its only escape is international growth if it wants to continue as an independent. But pricing pressures overseas are even more challenging in a significantly mobile-first world. That’s why Netflix ultimately will be bought, as I’ve long predicted. And, as I wrote in a recent column, Comcast is now best positioned to be that buyer thanks to the Feds’ increasingly belligerent antitrust actions against Big Tech. Actually, this would be a merger of equals, since Netflix and Comcast market caps are roughly the same.

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