Can Elon Musk Save Twitter by Turning His Crypto Bros Into Pay Pals? | PRO Insight

The app’s billionaire owner is banking that users will make payments via tweet as he pivots from an ad-based business model

I know, I know. Yet another Elon story. Especially dangerous when what is written today is already tweeted away tomorrow by this generation’s Tony Stark. But it’s a story too big to disappear when so much cash — $44 billion — is disappearing. More like burning, as advertisers and employees leave both the easy way (voluntarily) or the hard way (not). It just gets worse for Musk (and sadly for Twitter employees) with each passing day. Shockingly worse.

Undoubtedly, Musk feels misunderstood throughout the chaos. After all, how could we mere mortals understand the logic behind his resource-depleting (and human-decimating) Twitter lark? Don’t we understand that Robert Downey Jr. has nothing on him? Elon is our very own visionary Iron Man who can do no wrong as he drives us onto bold new roads with Tesla and takes us into brave new worlds of space via SpaceX.

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Peter Csathy

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