Gov Andrew Cuomo and CNN’s Chris Cuomo Are Back to Squabbling: ‘This Is Not Love’ (Video)

The CNN anchor even whipped out a giant cotton swab Wednesday night

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo appeared on CNN Wednesday night to go a few rounds with his brother, anchor Chris Cuomo. It had been a while since the duo bantered on air — a lighthearted distraction from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“You wanted to encourage people to get tested and some people are afraid it’s going to hurt,” said the primetime anchor before playing a clip of the governor getting tested for the coronavirus by a medical professional who stuck a long swab up his nose.

The journalist jokingly asked if it was true his older brother had accidentally inhaled the practitioner’s finger and the governor joked back that, in fact, the doctor had made note of his “little button nose.”

The “Cuomo Prime Time” host then got out a series of increasingly large “swab” props, demanding to know just how big a swab had to be used “to fit up that double-barrel shotgun that you have mounted on the front of your pretty face.”

Both brothers, the sons of the late New York governor Mario Cuomo, laughed at their own routine, but the governor insisted, “This is not love.”

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin — who, like her colleague Cuomo, tested positive for the coronavirus earlier in the year — has spoken publicly about the unenjoyable swabbing process during a recent appearance on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show.