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Anthony Bourdain Is Not a Fan of ‘Baby Driver’

The celebrity chef and TV host had a profane take on the Edgar Wright movie

“Parts Unknown” host and intrepid traveler Anthony Bourdain loves little more than to be on the road. He does not, however, want to ride with “Baby Driver” star Ansel Elgort.

The chef and TV cult hero took to Twitter on Tuesday afternoon, when most of the country was out grilling, to weigh in on Edgar Wright’s critically acclaimed summer movie.

The film has a 97 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but that didn’t matter to Bourdain, who provided a succinct — and profane — take.

“F— BABY DRIVER,” he tweeted.

Actor Guillermo Del Toro had a much different take last week, when he used a series of tweets to lay out detailed and glowing praise for the movie.

Del Toro compared the movie’s use of music during its elaborate car chase scenes to Gene Kelly’s dancing in “An American In Paris.” He also compared Wright to iconic action and western movie director Walter Hill, whom Wright has mentioned was a major influence when he was making “Baby Driver.”

“The film is incredibly precise. Flawlessly executed to the smallest detail,” Del Toro tweeted. “Breathtaking Russian arm shots, real-world car mount and foot chases executed with the vigour and bravado of a Gene Kelly musical. This is ‘An American In Paris’ on wheels and crack smoke.”

While in the extreme minority, Bourdain isn’t the lone “Baby Driver” hater: