Stars Read More Mean Tweets on Kimmel: ‘Ashton Kutcher Needs to Get Hit By a Bus ASAP’ (Video)

Amazingly, someone even hates Andy Garcia

Julia Roberts has a mouth that could swallow an elephant whole, Courteney Cox is a “pussy hoe,” and Matthew McConaughey is a “dick turd.”

Or at least, so say their Twitter critics. Once again, Jimmy Kimmel’s hard-working staff braved the noxious fumes that swirl around the trenches of Twitter to find the meanest tweets about Hollywood stars — and then have those stars read them on camera. The result was as gratifying as ever.

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Now in its seventh edition, “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” has become a staple of Kimmel’s show, exposing stars to the same sort of treatment and mockery that Kimmel so often brings to regular ol’ folks with his man-on-the-street segments.

Ostensibly, this segment makes fun of the ridiculous humans that waste their time writing cruel, semi-anonymous rants about celebrities on the internet, but every so often, the tweets contain a kernel of truth that probably make the famous person reading them quite uncomfortable.

After all, any sort of reality or criticism dashed into a world of fawning magazine profiles and talk show appearances has to be unusual and unsettling.