‘Atlas’ Cast and Character Guide: Meet the Humans and the AI | Photos

Here’s who’s who in the Netflix film


Jennifer Lopez returns to the action genre with “Atlas” this week, and she’s got a pretty stacked team backing her up.

Now streaming on Netflix, “Atlas” follows Atlas Shepherd (Lopez), a government analyst who has spent years hunting Harlan (Simu Liu), an AI that went rogue and became a terrorist bent on taking over the human world. Atlas has a deeply personal history with Harlan, so when he unexpectedly turns against her and all humans, it creates a distrust in her of all AI.

So, when Atlas is forced to work with an AI-based robotic suit to catch Harlan and survive a foreign planet, she’s pretty upset, to say the least. But this AI is determined to get her to trust and work with him.

Here’s who you might recognize in the film.


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